What we're about

Astro body connectionRemember before you had no other young unbreakable
Defiant in this class
You will first learn
About energy
We all carry this negative from siblings ,relatives ,friends,exes
In a box inside yourself
All locked up were it reminds you of your path
Time to unlock it find yourself bringing your Astro body back like the beginning
We all do things to get rid of this
Negative energy
With this class you will find yourself again with your energy flowing like before
No turning back
It's your turn
Let's get rid of this last remanence of negativity as we learn about our energy in class Also
Then at the end we will ignite your luck within after ridding of this box deep hidden inside
Finding you again
Here is the start of tomorrow
The seat is waiting for you
Ps bring a mirror big enough we're there's room to see another person as you hold this energy within this mirror10 by12 any size you want not a real big one though
Many blessings
Richard Duran
Spirit whisperer
Austin medyphysical academy
Is the web page. To find class
3/25 is class

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