What we're about

*Under New Management*

I (Kirshan Murphy) took over organizing this group a few months ago and am now getting around to make some changes. This group absolutely will continue to focus on entrepreneurs - but not just traditional for-profit entrepreneurs. We also include social entrepreneurs who want their for-profit business to have a positive effect on society and founders of non-profits.

What this group will be offering:

• Networking Events

• Workshops

• Guest Speakers

We are also open to your suggestions for MeetUps.

I look forward to meeting you all!

Quick note about my background:

I am a digital marketing expert with almost 15 years of experience implementing marketing strategies that have helped businesses and non-profits of all sizes grow through increased revenue (and donations), brand awareness, authority building, etc. I have worked in numerous industries (e-commerce, legal, health and wellness, etc.) and am bringing my experience to this group to help others.

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