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Hill Sprint TUESDAYS
Join us. Suffering is best done in groups - especially right after work. Sprints are at 5.45 pm at the Hill near Auditorium Shores. The actual sprinting is about 30 min. Sometimes we'll bring the dogs and take them to the off-leash dog park across the street. See pic above. We start on the east side of the hill (that's the right side when facing the "Lake"). We often get or make food after, usually decided spontaneously with whomever is there. Hill sprints! High Intensity Interval Training (HIITs) on a Hill while adding 5-20 pushups at the top, in a gazillion degree weather. If you're not feeling it, come hang out and perform at your ability (we don't judge - and we all know sprints suck). We tend to do sprints + (optional) pushups in sets of 3 for a total of typically 15. Here's some info from Breaking Muscle on how great HIIT/hill sprinting is:

Doug Sahm Hill Summit

Doug Sahm Hill Path · Austin, TX

What we're about

This is an all-inclusive group, welcoming people of *all* sexual orientations (including allies), gender identities, ethnicities, body types. We have one rule: do not be an asshole.

The "Non-Scene" young adult groups have been popular for a while, particularly in Boston, Providence, New York City, and Vancouver. They have been providing the LGBT community experiences and opportunities to interact with other people with their age that doesn't involve the night owl/clubbing life. This group was created to help address this need in Austin.

So the purpose is: meet people who are people, in settings where you can actually meet people (as opposed to -- and no offense to Highland, OCH, or Rain., -- which do a great job at what they do) and have fun. Maybe just find new friends, maybe network, maybe find the man or woman of your dreams (though there are better venues for that).

Join us if you like to talk, like to drink and eat out, go on adventures, try new things, hike the myriad of Austin trails. Our events are pretty organic - and we now have a few coorganizers and we would love for you to also suggest things you’d like to do and even help organize if you want! This is for the 20-Somethings and the 30-Somethings since a lot of people who have moved to Austin fall under this age. And you know - just like the 20-Somethings, the 30-somethings are sexy, funny b*tches too! Anyway -- come join us. :)

Welcome, again!

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