What we're about

" The Kingdom of God/Heaven is within" So we focus on a Christian mediation to help release the blocks and limiting beliefs and patterns that separates us from our inner selfs. We pull from Christian Mystics and bridge to other faiths and explore other aspects of centering and Teaching Jesus of Nazareth(Bible). Also work to create individual practice to know thyself and some fellowship activities.
Meetup Gay Christian Centered Mediation and Fellowship with bridges/respect for other focused mediation based on common ground and goodwill and teaching of Jesus.
a. Group Agreements: a. Respect and goodwill toward self and others and mutual
support with issues, creations, etc.
b. Work to hold a place of goodwill and love toward yourself and other members as
well in your community and beyond as best we can
i. Find out what separates you from this
c. Build support groups base on mutual respect, common good, focused release of
patterns/beliefs no longer serving you/us, support of heart centered projects,
health and well being, spiritual growth and business/non profits

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