What we're about

Do you want a fun and unique way to increase mindfulness, body awareness, and deep relaxation?
Do you desire to connect with horses and your natural surroundings?
You are ready to connect with yourself more?
Are you ready to choose something different?

We are a community of people who meet at the ranch (Just North of Austin) to experience healing with horses, being more present with ourselves; developing our ability to listen to your bodies and upgrade our choices for greater life and living.

We become more conscious of our own body, breath, heart rate and the energy of our presence, through the interaction with and reflection from the horses. Our personal awareness, helps us improve the way we are with ourselves, our families and the way we lead in groups.

We host sessions for group horse healing experiences: Mornings With Horses, Healing With Horses, Kids Horse Camps, Leadership for Teens, Brush 'n Touch for Parents and Toddlers, Horseless Horsemanship, and the Secret Language of Horses.

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