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Are you obsessed with APIs? Are you building an innovative new API for your company? Are you creating tools to help reshape the world through API usage? Do you create mashups for everything? Are you frustrated that no one understands what you do at your API-related job? 
Join us for the Austin Homegrown API Meetup, hosted by ShipEngine. We meet each month at the new ShipEngine building at 4301 Bull Creek rd.  
You can always count on food, beer, good discussion, great people and free/plentiful parking. Join our meetup and stay tuned for upcoming event schedules, details and more!

Do you have an idea for a future talk? We want to hear it! We’re interested in topics like API design, management, testing, documentation, tips & tricks, tools, emerging technologies, or anything else API related. Talk to a ShipEngine representative at the meetup, or email us at contact@shipengine.com. Let us know if you’d like to give a lightning talk (5–15 minutes) or a feature talk (30–45 minutes).

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Welcome Back to API Meetup: The API Trends from the Last 2 Years

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Austin's favorite API Meetup group is back! Join ShipEngine on May 19th from 5:30-6:30 pm CT at 4301 Bull Creek Rd Suite 300, Austin, TX 78731. We're getting back in the groove after the pandemic hiatus! API Meetup legacy members Jason Harmon, Keith Casey, and John Banning will be speaking about what it means to be a member of the API meetup and covering the major industry trends post-pandemic to keep an eye on. They have gathered all the top insights from global API experts to share with our group. Don't miss out on the Happy Hour, networking, and knowledge!

There is limited seating for this event, reserve your spot now!

About the Speakers:
Jason Harmon: As CTO of Stoplight, Jason Harmon oversees our world-class engineering team seeking to solve the software industry's API design problems. He is also the host of Stoplight’s podcast, API Intersection, focused on conversations with leading API leaders on how to scale API programs. Before coming to Stoplight in 2020, Jason was the Senior Director of Platform Architecture at Expedia, serving as the primary stakeholder for the development of an internal developer portal and tooling to be utilized in strategic re-platforming around APIs. Jason brings over 20 years of experience in the technology and API world, and in his free time, Jason is passionate about educating engineers and business folks about APIs, as well as developer experience. Jason is also known for his articles on apiux.com and pragmaticapi.com, and is a member of the OpenAPI technical community.

Keith Casey: Keith Casey serves on the Product/GTM Team at ngrok helping teams launch their systems faster and easier than ever before. Previously, he served on the Product Team at Okta working on Identity and Authentication APIs, as an early Developer Evangelist at Twilio, and worked to answer the Ultimate Geek Question at the Library of Congress. His underlying goal is to get good technology into the hands of good people to do great things. In his spare time, he writes at CaseySoftware.com and lives in the woods. He is also a co-author of “A Practical Approach to API Design.”

John Banning: John Banning started his career in GIS and migrated to web development, application development, and mobile apps. From there, he took an interest in APIs. Always curious, John embarked on learning about APIs over a decade ago and is still finding areas to explore. John grew up in Austin and can always shed light on how things were back in old Austin.


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February Meetup: API Design At Scale

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