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Saber Practice
We're meeting at our alternate location of Browning Hangar until after the ACL Festival. Beginners welcome! We will practice basic martial arts with lighted sabers. We have extra sabers if you do not have one. We will cover stance, grip, attacks, defense as well as spinning and maybe even some basic choreography. We work with all experience levels... beginner to advanced. Its outdoors. Bring water!

Browning Hangar at Mueller

4550 Mueller Central Dr · Austin, TX

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There is no emotion,

there is peace.

There is no ignorance,

there is knowledge.

There is no passion,

there is serenity.

There is no chaos,

there is harmony.

There is no death,

there is the Force

Welcome In this meet up we will be helping guide you through the process of learning what it's like to be a Jedi! .

In this meet up I would like to help us all practice the way of the force, to help instill in us the proper mind and body set for a Jedi. We welcome all ages, sizes and species. Bring your light sabers but also remember we will first be practicing with rattan bamboo.

This meet up is to help exercise the body and the mind, and to over all just have fun. Star Wars is a world phenomenon and the way of the force and the practice of the Jedi is a universal way of learning some very tough techniques, both in meditation and physical strength. In this meet up I would like to find like-minded others that wish to hone their skills both with a saber and with their mind. In every meet up we will have a guided meditation and a warm up work out to keep us fluid in our bodies, please bring comfortable clothes. Costumes are welcome but remember we are an active group.

. We will start when the sun is going down so that we may work out in the sun but then fight in the dark. Remember the Jedi code is a peaceful one. This is not a competition or a battle. We may have light saber duels but all should be conducted with a safe mind-set and the understanding that we are training, so we don't ever have to hurt anyone. If you are too rowdy or do not follow the rules you will be asked to leave politely. I do not wish to have any conflicts between Jedi but the dark side of the force is strong and I understand its pull. Please bring your own lightsabers if you wish but remember if they are not for dueling you may not want to fight with them. If you hit anyone with malice or intent you will be asked to leave.

This is a safe place and we all need to agree that we are here to train as Padawans. Not to hit each other with sticks, although I do see the appeal in that. Please bring what ever safety gear you feel is necessary and water. Lots and lots of water. The end goal of this meet up is to help us learn how to control out bodies and minds as one and to help us choreograph epic lightsaber duels for fun.

We welcome kids and adults, of all kinds. The Jedi are not bound by body or mind. All are welcome just bring a positive attitude and desire to have fun with lightsabers, single handed or staff we will go over multiple styles and techniques. We will discuses the history and evolution of the saber from its Kendo counter part.

May the Force be with you always

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