What we're about

This is a group for those learning a new language: beginners, intermediates, and fluent speakers who want to maintain their fluency are all welcome. We aim to be resources for each other.

Members of this group are interested in socializing, sharing language sources, playing language games, learning about each other's cultures, and enjoying each other's company.

There are many great language learning apps out there. This group is intended to bring language off the screen and into the human world, where language lives and breathes.

If possible, we may pair off into groups of people learning the same language, but emphasis will always remain on including everyone who shows up. Meetups will take place monthly at breweries and coffee shops, with a healthy mix of venues so drinkers of all beverages feel included.

Additionally, please feel free to use this as a network to meet up with speakers of your target language independently! We cannot focus on everyone's language in the monthly meetups, so feel free to message friends you want to learn from/with after we've met each other. To that end, please fill out your profile with the languages you are learning, and the language(s) you're fluent in. If you are interested in hosting your own subgroup for a particular language, feel free to reach out to me and we can set that up by request. See the message board for further details.

There is now a spreadsheet that allows you to search other members based on the languages you are wanting to learn. You may access the link to this spreadsheet on our discussion/message board or below:


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This is an open group with diverse goals and all are welcome!

Herzlich Willkommen! أهلا بك! SELAMAT DATANG! Ongietorri! ยินดีต้อนรับ! Bienvenue! добро пожаловать! Witamy! Hoşgeldiniz! benvenuto! ברוך הבא! Bienvenido! स्वागत हे! Chào mừng! Croeso! ласкаво просимо! bem vinda! 歡迎! karibu! fáilte! Welkom! soo dhaweyn! bonvenon! gratissimum! ようこそ!

Past events (18)

An Introduction To Basque

Austin Central Library, Austin Public Library

ALLS Social Reconnect and Session Planning

The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co/ The ABGB

English As A Second Language class

International Studio of Music

English As A Second Language class

International Studio of Music

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