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Interested in the future of legal services and legal technology?

The legal industry, like all expertise-based professions, is under pressure from changes in technology. This affects not just how services are delivered to existing clients, but also how the society at large relates to the legal system. From chatbots that purport to solve your parking woes in London, to claims by AI researchers that they can make (what they perceive to be the task of) legal researchers obsolete, the headlines keep foretelling doom for our legal profession.

What are the business and technical forces shaping this future? How can practicing lawyers use this technology to deliver better services to their clients today, or to offer services to new kinds of clients entirely? What are the things that "legal tech" companies get flat wrong in their assumptions about lawyers and the legal system? And how should courts and government agencies, the core of the legal system itself, adapt to these changes to better serve their citizens?

Our group will have different kinds of meetings, aimed at different audiences. Some will be traditional talks or forums about big-picture changes in the Legal Tech world. Other meetings might be hands-on classes where interested lawyers can learn a needed technical skill. And others will be aimed more at the technologists and "legal maker" community, exploring in much greater technical depth a narrow aspect of legal tech.

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Let's meet up to find out what is going on with legal innovation in Austin

Our first meetup will be informal and focused simply on trying to identify who is interested in legal innovation in Austin, what types of innovation they are interested in, and what types of innovative venture are already underway!

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Open Austin Civic Tech Meetup

Terrazas Library