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What we’re about

The Austin Love Juggernaut is your guide to Austin-area events designed to build connection, community, and empathy in our city!

How we communicate shapes our world. Whether it's with ourselves, our friends, our romantic partners, or with coffeeshop strangers, our lives are constantly affected by an interpersonal play-space that we barely understand. Until now! We host and offer a variety of events that explore that space between us, learning to become more authentic in our own self-expression and more attuned and empathetic in our connections to others!

Some of our offerings include:

Authentic Relating Games - Authentic Relating Games are a collection of extensively tested, masterfully facilitated experiences that give players a hands-on taste of both the joy and skills of interpersonal connection.Empathy training of the sort offered by Authentic Relating has been shown to reduce bullying in schools, decrease expulsion and detention rates, and even improve creativity and innovation at work.  Our games help players tune into their intuitive truth and see the world through another's eyes. We challenge players to listen and reflect in realtime, to share their emotional state, to notice and reach into their desire, and to ask for what they truly want in the moment. From meditative depths of presence and ecstatic heights of joy, to somber melancholy and heart-pounding fun, we guide an experience all the way through the human condition. 

T-Group - T-Group is an invitation to be radically present in the Here and Now. So often our connections to others wander away from the present moment, dwelling in our stories about the fast or our hopes and fears about the future. T-Group calls us to Be Here Now with each other, to fully enjoy and embrace the moment just as it is!

Circling - Circling is an experiment in the emergent intelligence of group consciousness, a meditation on the lived experience of being human, together! We might explore deeply into the experience of one person, discovering what it's like to inhabit their world. Or, we might spend time exploring the shared experience of being together as a group, finding ways of being together that are more alive, more aware, more welcoming of things just as they are while also stretching and evolving toward what is possible!

....and Many More

The Austin Love Juggernaut is a project of Connect Humanity, an Austin-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization devoted to fostering connection, compassion, and empathy for all of humanity.

Our organization includes a rich and varied roster of event hosts and facilitators, each of whom brings their own unique flavor to that mission!

We welcome other not-for-profit organizations to participate in this shared calendar of events at no cost - please contact our Organizers to request to be added!

We also welcome for-profit organizations that are sponsors of our organization to add events to the calendar. Whether you are already a donor, or wish to donate for the first time, contact our Organizers so you can spread your message to our engaged community of enthusiasts for emotional intelligence, skillful relating, and the collaborative co-creation of community!