What we're about

This meetup is all about Lucia N3 Light. Flickerlux and Lucid Light will be hosting meetups about Lucia N3.

Featuring discussions followed by live Lucia N3 demos, attending these meetups will give you a deeper understanding of the technology, how it works, and what you and your brain can do with it by sharing information and giving you direct access to vendors that can help you try the Lucia N3 for yourself.

We'll start with a private opening Meetup in April 2018 and will adapt the format of following Meetups to the community as it unfolds over time. Our goal is to build a community of people who can share their experiences and contribute ideas to future projects and research.

About us:

Flickerlux by Christopher Shay and Michelle McGough uses Lucia N3 Light as a foundation for transformative experiences with highly positive outcomes. Primarily serving private group events and the occasional day full of individual attunements, Flickerlux combines Lucia with other products and services such as a 95% pure Oxygen and aromatherapy bar and RapidReboot compression therapy for athletes and those seeking relief for circulatory issues. These services are tuned to the desires of the event host and their guests.

Lucid Light by Erik and Samantha Kuykendall is a dynamic business located in Gallery Lucid--Austin's visionary art gallery. A healing center by day and art gallery by evening, Gallery Lucid offers not only individual sessions with the consciousness-exploring Lucia N3 device, it also offers massage therapy in almost every modality, sessions in the far-infrared sauna, holographic sound, as well as various energetic healing practices including Reiki. And all of this is experienced against the backdrop of inspiring visionary artwork--much of it influenced by sessions with the Lucia N3.

While fascinating and always unique to the recipient, the light attunement itself is not the most interesting aspect of the Lucia N3. It's what happens after that. If you've tried it you already know. And if you haven't yet had the pleasure: once you try it you'll understand, and you'll never forget your experience.

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