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What we’re about

This group gets together to discuss the future of the Internet and how it's being driven by big data and AI.

20+ years ago we had NYC #CyberSuds which met to brainstorm how Web 1.0 (Text, Websites, Banners, Yahoo directories) was evolving to Web 2.0 (Search, Social, Video, Mobile). Now the Internet is evolving again. This #Madtech meetup will get together informally, usually in a Pub, to discuss how Web 2.0 is evolving.

We at CiminoCollaborativecom think about the Metaverse this way:

Digital enhancement and personalization of everything, everywhere, all the time, for all people.


  1. Everyone and everything will have self owned & controlled AI
  2. Identity fear, both personal info & anonymous, will go away because of new tech (AI, cloud, blockchain)
  3. We will spend as much time (heads up) on A/R and V/R as we do heads down on screens
  4. Blockchain + cloud will lead to a new era of decentralization
  5. Application and data integration will seamless due to Kubernetes & cloud
  6. All of this will come with new ethical issues and risks