• How to Build a Business with Content, Content, Content

    Galvanize - Austin

    The main questions we will be answering: - Can you make money as a content creator? - Can you build a business as a content creator? - HOW?! Courses? Digital Products? Live Events? Podcast Sponsorship? Community? TELL ME NOW 😉 Also, we'll be promoting the main track of Austin's FIRST PODCAST FESTIVAL, Outlier Podcast Festival | Austin -- How Podcasters + Content Creators can Build Businesses 🔥 Panelists: - Kimberly Ann Jimenez-Harris, Founder The Business Lounge For Online Creators [PAID LEVEL - Members Only] - Chris Michael Harris, Host Entrepreneur Hour Post - Amanda Horvath, Entrepreneur + Videographer - Namrata Sirur Singh, Co-founder The 9to5 MisFits Hosted by Moby. No, Not That Moby.

  • CenTex Podcasters SXSW Meetup


    Since SXSW brings people together from all over the world, this event is for anyone looking to get plugged in and connected to podcasters from during our happy hour. Meet podcasters from all over the world, while we have conversations about all things podcasting! **Drinks will be provided** When: Wednesday, March 13 @ 6:30pm-8:30pm Where: A couple blocks from the convention center @ Buildfax 115 E. 5th St. #200 More: http://fundedhouse.com

  • How to Make the Most of Your THAT-March-Festival 2019 Experience

    SXSW 2019 is upon us. 100,000+ people. 3 festivals. The entirety of Austin. It's happening. How do we make the most of it? How do we know where's the best places for us to connect to the people we want to? How do we plan for it? How do we enjoy it without being overwhelmed? Let's find out. What we'll have at the event: - SXSW veterans who'll walk us all through the official (badge) AND unofficial (no badge) parts of SXSW - Beer - Pizza Panelists: Paul O'Brien, Founder MediaTech Ventures Ashland Viscosi, Founder Creatives Meet Business Bijoy Goswami, Founder Bootstrap Austin + ATX Equation Katie Warner, Founder Lucid Routes Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Collective We'll have beer and pizza. Hosted by Rao Manzar Hayat

  • Getting Attention for your Business / Brand

    It's 2019. You're building a brand, whether that's a personal one, or one around your company. What are some tactics you can use to build an audience and acquire customers? How do you use Instagram to constantly engage with your audience? How do you use YouTube? How do you build an email list? Let's learn together. Panelists: Kimberly Ann Jimenez-Harris, founder The Business Lounge For Online Creators [Private Member's Only Club] Thomas Umstattd Jr., founder Author Media CJ Finley, founder ThriveOnLife Meredith Rose (Meredith Gonsalves), Strategist Deloitte Timothy Timbo Cole, Co-founder Elite Sweets Hosts: The Fire Show Podcast MediaTech Ventures

  • Learn About the Collective Incubator

    Journey Coworking

    Do you or a friend have an idea for a MediaTech company? Or are you a pre-seed MediaTech startup that's looking to scale? Join us to learn more about the Collective incubator! We will be accepting applications through the first week of January, and our first cohort will begin in Q1 of 2019. This is your chance to learn about the only program in Austin dedicated to Media Technology professionals, and meet teachers, mentors and like minded professionals. Come to support this new program, or find out if Collective's 11 week program is the next step to take your venture from ideation to incorporation. Talk Ideas & Scaling Over Drinks! Learn more about the Collective Incubator: http://bit.ly/2RkzLUB

  • How to Execute on a Business Idea when You’re Working a Day Job

    Building a business or startup you care about (and what makes $$) is hard as hell. It's even harder when you're working a day-job that pays the bills. So, how the hell do people do it? How do they manage their time? How do they find the energy to come back after their jobs and puts hours and hours into their idea? When do they know it's time to quit their job, or close up shop on the idea? Let's talk about it and find some answers. Brought to you by Moby from The Fire Show Podcast, and the team behind MediaTech Ventures. Speakers: Nelson Mak, Co-founder Epicure Nina Ho, co-founder collective blue Mary Walker, CEO Day Dreamer Tom Jackson, CEO Locus Insights CJ Finley, Founder ThriveOn + Ops Sphere Partners: Almost Real Things Epicure BLNDED Media This isn't pseudo-inspirational struggle porn from people who were last doing this 17 years ago, these are tactics from the mouths of people who are currently IN the process of building their businesses. Just like you. Come join us.

  • How to Start a Media Business in Austin

    Join Alan Daniel and Media Tech Week to discuss How to Start a Media Business in Austin Texas. Stories from starting Terry Bradshaw’s Pick of the Week. 1,000 stories told.

  • Austin's Long Conversation

    Belo Center for New Media

    When media models are broken an opportunity exists. In an era of a disruption, it’s time for Austin to disrupt right back. Join Moody College of Communication as we all build Austin’s future as a creative cultural epicenter of what’s next in media. Our goal Monday night, is to start Austin’s “Long Conversation” at Belo Center for New Media, exploring the challenges and opportunities raised by the disruptions in our media industries and offering us an intersection to build a future that encourages a creative culture that is accessible, sustainable and one that Austin Media Artists can identify with. WHAT IS A LONG CONVERSATION? In a fireside chat format, a “Long Conversation” is a new format where a series of speakers, two at a time, who will chat with one another for ten minutes until one is replaced by another. The format was invented by the Long Now Foundation and our hope is for it to spark an engaging, unpredictable, passionate, diverse, informative, and entertaining event. AUSTIN’S LONG CONVERSATION SERIES Our goal over this series is to gather the biggest and most interesting thinkers from wildly different fields for surprising, authentic conversations about the ideas that make them hopeful for the future of media in Austin. The theme for our first one on Monday October 29th is “What do we have?” Monday, we’ll adjourn from the Imagine Moody Meetup, and head to BMC 5.208 (5th floor of UT’s Belo Center for New Media). The Belo Center for New Media (BMC), dedicated in November 2012, is a landmark gateway at the northwest edge of The University of Texas at Austin campus. The five-story, 120,000-square-foot building provides interactive classrooms and meeting space and houses the adjacent KUT Public Media Studios. The Moody College of Communication is the communication college at The University of Texas at Austin. The college is home to top-ranked programs in advertising and public relations, communication studies, communication sciences and disorders, journalism, and radio-television-film

  • Impromptu Meetup! Josh Fetcher & Rain Lee Francisco: Building Your Tribe

    Work Well Win Recharge Lounge at SXSW

    • What we'll do We heard the incredible Josh Fechter and Rain Lee Francisco were in town for #SXSW and just had to race at getting everyone together to talk! Presented by: MediaTech Ventures, BAMF Media, RLG GROUP LLC & Work Well Win. Not a SXSW event - badge NOT required but you MUST RSVP via eventbrite due to limited space: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/growth-hacking-building-your-tribe-tickets-44156257555 Josh Fechter - "Top 40 Millennial Influencers to Follow in 2018" (Ranked #4) - New Theory Magazine "Credit with popularizing the genre of poetic LinkedIn posts" - BuzzFeed "12 Innovative Founders To Watch And Learn From" - Forbes Top Quora Writer of 2017 & 2018 - Quora At BAMF Media, we drive ROI for growing companies using cutting-edge growth marketing and growth hacking tactics. We've worked with companies like TEDx, Mixmax, Voo, LawTrades, Book in a Box, Deputy, and Autopilot. Rain Lee Francisco - Blogger and founder of The RLF Group. With a background in Influencer marketing from Maker Studios and Disney, she's developed social campaigns and Influencer strategy for major brands, including Disney, Target and Sonic. Now, she's taken her developed talents and founded The RLF Group, focusing on Influencer Strategy, Influencer Relations between brands and the Influencers, social strategy and Influencer management. Working with brands and Influencers side by side to educate, and navigate the Influencer marketing world! Josh and Rain will be joined by our John Zozzaro for a talk about online advertising algorithums and the ability to reach your target audience. Things are getting more complex and expensive, how do you create an active online community? Come learn about growth hacking best practices and building online tribes from two experts in the field. • What to bring • Important to know

  • Special Meetup: Breakfast with Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour

    • What we'll do Join us TOMORROW MORNING :) Very excited that we pulled this together so turn your commute toward the Arboretum and stop here for breakfast! Vernice Armour, America's First African American Female Combat Pilot and now Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author, is flying in to host a talk. Upon completion of two tours in Iraq and leaving the military, Vernice launched VAI Consulting and Training, LLC. Vernice produced over six-figures in revenue within the first 12 months and over a million in the first 5 years. As featured on Oprah Winfrey, CNN, Tavis Smiley, NPR and others, Vernice Armour’s fresh style and presentation methods have inspired hundreds of organizations and individuals. • What to bring WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO Learn how she gains valuable exposure, applicable to your business, how she has launched a book and how she monetizes speaking engagements. • Important to know Special thanks to Bunker Labs Austin, Serving Social, Your6, and Duo Works for their support to pull this together!