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What we’re about

Restarting Austin Music Connection!

Hey y'all!  Thanks for being here! Austin Music Connection is coming out of its Covid hibernation.

The Music Connection is looking for musicians and music lovers of all types. Seriously! All are welcome! We welcome people who are beginners as well as people who play an instrument well.

We welcome people who simply like to sing, and don't necessarily play an instrument.

As the group grows, we will segment into groups with commonalities. For example, eventually we hope to develop cohesive groups that...

• Enjoy jamming,
• Enjoy improvising to a blues chord pattern,
• Enjoy campfire-style songbooks and singing,
• Enjoy playing music focused with amplified instruments,
• Enjoy either of the only two kinds of music: Country and Western,
• Enjoy music focused on acoustic instruments (guitar, ukulele, djembe, etc)

Get the idea?

Please join us!

We've got enough people we should be able to some stuff going!We have over 300 official subscribers. There's got to be some more people on here who want to do exactly what you want to do. We just need someone to step forward and help organize an event! If you've got an idea for something, post a comment and let's get the ball rolling!

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