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Leveraging Graph Database At HomeAway


Speaker: Chris Williams : Principal Engineer, HomeAway Will discuss about embracing NoSQL technologies particularly a Graph Datastore to break the chains of legacy database, as part of our cloud journey. Will get into the details of how we leveraged a graph database (Neo4j), to better understand complex business relationships in a fast and efficient manner.

Distributed, Transactional NoSQL - An introduction to FaunaDB

In this talk Cary will give an introduction to FaunaDB, a Distributed, Transactional NoSQL database architected specifically for OLTP data in heterogeneous, multi-site/cloud environments. Cary will also deep dive into some of the features of FaunaDB including: distributed ACID transactions, native multi-tenancy, temporality, horizontal scalability, fault tolerance, high security, along with operational simplicity. Speaker Bio: Cary Bourgeois Cary brings more than 20 years of experience in the applications and database space, most recently with Datastax/Cassandra and SAP HANA. His primary focus has been communicating the advantages of new technologies and in accelerating the adoption and incorporation of these technologies within customer eco-systems. Most recently he has been working with distributed database systems, deployment options and distributed applications.

How to make sense of streaming data in the modern Internet company?

In this talk Ranjith, Ryan and Abhi will be discussing on how they are leveraging Timeseries database( Influxdb ) for Events Analysis and Anomoaly Detection. They will show how they are correlating, analyzing and reporting thousands of events which are generated every second by user clickstream and application service. Speakers: Ranjith Peddi: Tech Lead for Hubble and Anomaly Platform. He Brings over 10 years of experience in Software development. Outside of work, he enjoy cooking and spending time with his 1 year old son. Ryan King: Sofware Engineer, HomeAway -Juggler and Tattoo Enthusiastic Abhi Mukherjee: Sofware Engineer, HomeAway -Loves dogs

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