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This group is for "serious" individuals looking to learn how to trade options to supplement their monthly income, be a primary source of income, or to enhance their retirement investments. This group was started to help others learn about options by having a discussion with a private volatility fund manager.

Each meetup will go over a option topic or strategy that can be used to gain income or to enhance a retirement account. In addition, live trading with real money will take place. This group welcomes beginners and experienced traders. Everyone will be treated with respect!

The main meetup will be monthly and lite refreshments will be served (possibly wine).

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How To Make Monthly Income Selling Put Spreads!

Online event

We encourage beginners to come and learn!

This webinar topic is on “how to make monthly income selling put spreads.” You have heard about having a long stock portfolio; come learn how to build a long put spread portfolio that can potentially provide you monthly income.

We will go over the steps on how to sell put spreads, including what factors you should consider when making a trade. In addition, we will cover the steps to building a put spread portfolio.

After discussing the event topic we will put on some LIVE TRADES, followed by an open question session.

Please use this link to register for the webinar:

Introduction to Options Margin

Online event

We encourage beginners to come and learn!

This meetup topic is on the “Introduction to options margin.” Trading options require having a margin account but what is margin and how much does it cost? Can anyone trade options on margin? Isn’t trading with margin dangerous? Join us for this eye-opening event to have your questions answered regarding buying and trading with margin. We will review the subject by discussing the following:

1. What is Regular T Margin and how can I use it?
2. What is Portfolio Margin and how can I use it?
3. What is SPAN Margin and how can I use it?
4. What are the differences between the three different margining systems?
5. Which margin system allows me to allocate my capital best with a small or large account?

Trading on margin is publicly frowned upon but should it be? Join us at this special event and learn what we think about margin. This event will help beginners and experienced traders to understand and potentially use margin in a more effective way.

Use this link to access the webinar:


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5 Great Option Trades for Beginners

Online event

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