Otos.io your applied AI for Investing.

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Meet Otos- Your Artificial Intelligence for Investing. Developed by a pioneer in machine learning to be your personal investing master.

Otos maintains a +20 year corporate accounting data record that it has mined from financial statements that US companies file quarterly with the SEC on-line since 1994. For each stock and fund, Otos isolates the most important information to monitor and alerts you to decisions that should be made. Excellent for stock and fund selection, strategy design and ongoing monitoring of events to spot important opportunities.

At our meetup I will begin at the beginning and address three automatic thoughts that people have when investments come up.

1) its too complicated. Yes investing is complex and there are a lot of moving parts. Otos presents this complexity in an accessible way by displaying an animated avatar of each investment detailing its performance, risk, growth and financial condition attributes. If your MoneyTree is wilting it needs attention. Keep your MoneyTree looking healthy and your investments will perform as you wish them to.

2) Its too time consuming. Otos knows. With 20 years of high quality data-knowledge Otos measures what is important and what is not. Otos only requests your time and action when there is a clear and profitable decision to be made. Taking charge of your own investing makes you twice as wealthy over your investing lifetime compared to hiring an institution and paying a fee. Avoiding the investment management fee is the most valuable investment decision you can make. One decision makes you twice as wealthy with zero risk.

3) I'm afraid. Fear of "doing it wrong" and "I need help" causes people to put their investments with Financial Institutions and their sales representatives cynically called "Financial Advisors." Otos invites you into a trusted personal relationship that creates greater control of investments that you have. Otos supports you to experiment around those investments in a game format to gain knowledge, experience and the confidence to take charge.

Each participant in our meetup arrives with a custom strategy and start-up portfolio already waiting. Each participant at the meetup will develop their personal relationship with Otos and trim their MoneyTree avatar to produce an investment portfolio that will deliver an experience consistence with your goals and preferences. Want Income? want stability? want capital gains? want socially responsible? Otos learns about you and delivers investment attributes and decisions to support you.

Otos is trusted! Otos has evolved as an independent artificial intelligent entity without conflict of interest or hidden agenda.

Otos exists to support participants in making decisions that create value.

Otos learns for the sole purpose of providing more personal, effective and useful decision ideas.
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