What we're about

A low key group that seeks to bring parents together that enjoy their family tribes... in that old school 90s hangout, with a no hoops to jump through vibe we used to enjoy...and to do fun and relaxing things together out and about the city. We are pressured to leave kids behind or feel we are less fun or fabulous with kids around ...this is a chance to meet other parents who do not feel that way. Often we lose connections if we dont leave kids behind enough, as a mother I always struggled with that and ive noticed i tend to vibe with others who would rather bring the tribe along when possible... All ages and backgrounds are welcome. Each event will be planned as family friendly in case kids show but like most moms who enjoy outtings...it will be geared to please parents too. No bullying is the only rule in the group ,otherwise be your weird selves it is Austin after all.

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