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Portrait Photography for Beginners
Maybe you're someone who has a really cool camera and yet you've only used it in the "Auto" mode. If you've found yourself saying, "this camera is really cool but I haven't a clue how to use it!" then this is the session for you. If you love taking photos of people and want to get better at it but don't even know the questions to ask then this is the session for you. I'll walk you through the basics of understanding your camera and light for portrait photography including the following topics: - Exposure - how to adjust the brightness of your images so they're just right. - White balance - how to adjust the color settings in your camera so subjects look great. - Camera modes - which modes work best for different situations and how to adjust them. - Focus - using various focus modes to get the subject crisp and clear. - Picture modes - understanding "standard", "portrait", "landscape" and other modes as well as which is best for various shooting situations. - Lens choice - using the lens and focal length to make your subjects look great. - The basics of light - where to place people so they'll look their best. - Posing basics - how to place your subject so they'll look their best regardless of their age. This session is oriented toward beginners so there's no prior knowledge needed. We will have a professional model present and you'll get to practice as we go so you'll need to bring your camera and manual. Take a few moments before the workshop and be sure you know how to switch modes (Manual, A or Av, S or Tv and P), and set ISO, shutter speed and aperture. This session is designed to get you on track with lots of "ah-ha" moments as well as "I didn't know my camera could do that" moments. Your enrollment includes photo release for promotional/portfolio use so you'll not only learn about portrait photography but you'll also have the opportunity to add to your portfolio.

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Welcome to the top-rated photography Meetup group in the country! I started this group over eight years ago with the goal of helping others learn people photography while inspiring them on their photographic journey.

This group is for photographers of all skill levels who like to shoot people. Our meetups are on a variety of topics including portraiture, editorial and themed. Some of these meetups are educational while others focus mainly on shooting - all are a lot of fun! If you're a beginner looking to learn or an experienced photographer looking for new opportunities to shoot people, this is the group for you!

Every event you attend will be well-organized with friendly people and you'll never find yourself "lost and alone" - I'm always there to help you learn and get your best images. You'll get to work with the latest professional equipment as well as professional models and stylists. I look forward to seeing you at one of our many events!

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