What we're about

Interested in philosophy of religion, or theology? This group is for you!

We are a group made up of agnostics, theists, and atheists, who are deeply interested in discussing topics in the philosophy of religion.

Sample discussion topics include

Arguments for the existence of God,
- Argument from contingency
- Argument from fine-tuning
- Arguments from morality
- Arguments from consciousness

Arguments AGAINST the existence of God,
- Argument from hiddenness
- Argument from evil
- Arguments against the possibility of omnipotence
- The Evil God challenge

Different view of foreknowledge in Christian Belief,
- Calvinism
- Molinism
- Arminianism
- Open Theism

Classical Theism vs. Process Theism


If you are find any of the below thinkers interesting, you will likely enjoy the discussion topics in this group!

- Alvin Plantinga
- Steven Law
- William Lane Craig
- Graham Oppy
- David Bentley Hart
- Edward Feser
- InspiringPhilosophy
- Richard Swinburn
- Christopher Hitchens

All knowledge levels welcome! (I am just a layman who finds the topics interesting)

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Discussing Arguments from Fine Tuning

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