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Have you ever wanted to experience Energy Healing? We offer free Pro-Bono session weekly! Join us for guided Meditations on Twin Hearts. Ahartic Yoga practices also.

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Balance, Harmonize & Transform with Meditation and Pranic Healing Session

Corner of Pillow Road and Jones Road

• What we'll do Join us in this sacred space and refresh your soul! If you are seeking physical, emotional, and mental well-being and rejuvenation, you are welcome to join our healing activities that occur in a fun, loving, and supportive environment. We begin the evening with a quick round of stretching exercises to facilitate energy flow. After that, we welcome everyone to join in a guided meditation (usually 35 minutes in duration), followed by personalized pranic healing sessions for each person who is interested (typical duration is from 20-40 minutes.) The healing sessions are pro-bono (no cost), and our trained pranic healers offer these healings as a service to the community. In the spirit of abundance exchange, we do welcome donations to serve as gratitude for the healings that are received. We truly look forward to seeing you at this event or any of our other events held in the Austin area! Check out our full calendar of activities, and learn more about us at www.AustinPranicHealing.com. See also the latest Pranic Healing course offerings if you wish to learn this amazing technique yourself: http://pranichealing.com/events/ If you are interested in performing the meditations that we utilize, you can practice this abridged Meditation on Twin Hearts at your convenience: http://austinpranichealing.com/audio-video/ Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to assisting and empowering you to be the greatest possible version of your well-balanced, healthy self! • What to bring *Love donation in gratitude for the service* • Important to know **If you join us, please park across Jones Road where there is ample parking at the Sunset Valley Elementary School. Please walk across the street, enter the gated area, and remove your shoes upon entry into the building. We gratefully accept love donations. See you soon!

New Braunfels meditate and accept some great healing.

Unity Chruch of Practical Christianity New Braunfels

This meet up is in the city of New Braunfels. Come as you are and lets meditate on the twin Hearts meditation and then accept some great healing. We ask for donations to keep this meet up growing. this is a love offering and is not needed to accept the healing.

Heal Emotionally and Physically with Meditation and Pro Bono Healing

NOTE LOCATION CHANGE! Come join us for an evening of renewal. We invite you to come and experience a meditation and Pro Bono, no cost, Pranic Healing. Held in the Little House of Love, this evening will provide an opportunity to enjoy stillness, healing and camaraderie. Formerly held at AOMA, this new location is only about 1/2 mile away. We will start out with light stretching exercises, then a meditation, followed by trained, experienced Pranic healers sharing their healing abilities with those who would like a session. We gratefully accept donations to help defer the cost. We welcome you in friendship. You will leave feeling lighter, refreshed, and more able to live life to the fullest. Come! Have some fun and enjoy the experience. We look forward to seeing you. http://www.PranicAustin.com http://www.AustinPranicHealing.com

Pranic Healing Clinic at FortView Chiropractic

Fort View Chiropractic

Hello You are welcomed to visit Dr. Alexia's Chiropractic clinic and experience Pro-Bono "no cost" Pranic Healing. It is wonderful to feel the healing in a clinical situation. We will start out with stretching exercises, then a meditation, followed by experienced Pranic healers doing wonderful healings. This is a awesome time and perfect to experience Pranic Healing. Delighted to see you soon!

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Online Pranic Healing Clinic at FortView

Fort View Chiropractic

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