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Hey everyone. I live in North Austin and am Interested in doing more frequent/regular sign holding. Not just on a street corner, but on an overpass during rush hour. I'm interested in doing this once per week for several weeks in a row. I would need another 2-3 people that have flexible schedules and could do something like this on short notice. I have 3 people already. Holding a large banner over the bridge has to be planned-or called off- on short notice. If there is any wind, it makes it impossible to hold on an overpass. We used a smaller banner similar to this one at the Saturday sign wave. ([masked]) Due to the wind we had to leave the bridge as it was impossible to hold on to. I have this banner, and one that says “democrats for Ron Paul”. Ideally we would hold one with a different message every week. So I am open to making a bunch of them. There are lots of good locations that get 10,000 cars or more during rush hour.

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