Pre-con - Intro to T-SQL, from SELECT to JOIN to Performance Tuning - Mike Byrd


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This course will concentrate on the TSQL SELECT statement; its syntax, usage, and performance tuning. It will take the attendee from a basic level of understanding to being able to write, understand, and performance tune complex queries. Classroom sessions will be about one-fourth lecture and three-fourths demos. All materials will be available for download.

The course material is derived from Itzik Ben-Gan’s book: T-SQL Fundamentals 3rd Edition (about $38 from Amazon). Although not required, the attendee is advised to purchase and read the book prior to taking the course.

While the course will primarily concentrate on the SELECT statement, the other data modification statements (UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT) will also be covered. This course will not cover or touch on SQL Agent, SSIS, SSAS, or Reporting Services.

Some knowledge of Management Studio is recommended. Attendees may also benefit from bringing a laptop with SS2017 Developer Edition installed or SS2019 Developer Edition installed -- both are free from Microsoft. This class will not concentrate on a particular version of SQL Server, but cover material germane to all versions from SS2008 through SS2019.

Class Sessions* to include:

8:00-8:50: SELECT syntax, processing order, introduction to Management Studio

9:00-9:50: Single Table Queries, Top filter, Windows functions, Predicates, Operators

10:00-10:50: JOINs, computed columns, indexes,

11:00-11:50: Subqueries, table expressions, view performance

11:50-12:30: Lunch (may also be brown bag lunch to catch up if behind, questions)

12:30-1:30: SET Operators, DML TSQL (Insert, Delete, Update)

1:30-2:30: Variables, batches, temporary tables, stored procedures, functions

2:40-4:30: Performance tools, sample performance tuning

* Topics may blur across times depending on class attendee’s progression

Paid RSVP required: