• Virtual - The Amazing GROUP BY Clause - Mike Burek

    Online event

    Online Teams: https://aka.ms/AustinSQLMeetupMarch2021

    5:30 pm Virtual doors open
    6:00 pm Presentation

    The Amazing GROUP BY Clause
    We'll assume you know just the very basics of the GROUP BY clause. We won't cover the HAVING clause.

    Starting there, we build up with use cases example and cover the options for the GROUP BY clause:
    * Column order
    * Functions on Columns
    * ALL
    * NULLS
    * ROLLUP
    * CUBE
    * OVER

  • Canceled due to power outages

    Online event

    Sorry, power is still out, so canceling. Stay warm.

    Online presentation. The presentation assumes you can write a query and you know the basic purpose of the GROUP BY clause. You'll be okay if you aren't very comfortable writing it on your own, as long as you understand the purpose of it. We'll go over: 1) Common uses of the GROUP BY clause 2) Silly uses of the GROUP BY clause 3) Advanced uses of the GROUP BY clause 4) Special syntax

  • Speaker sick - cancelling today's meeting - next month is still planned

    Speaker sick - cancelling today's meeting - next month is still planned

  • Life Cycle of a Query in SQL Server - Deepthi Goguri

    Online event

    ** This will be online. The URL will be posted at a later date. **

    Microsoft Teams url: https://aka.ms/AustinSQLDec2020

    Many DBAs and Developers work with SQL Server but don’t fully understand how it really works behind the scenes. Join Deepthi on her dive into the internals of SQL Server to explain why knowing what goes on under the covers will help you make better decisions quickly when solving performance problems in SQL Server. This session will cover ACID properties, key components of the Cache in SQL Server, Relational Engine, Storage engine and the Transaction manager. You will learn how SQL Server manages Plan cache and Buffer pool and how SQL Server optimizer chooses the plans. We will also cover what happens under the covers during read and write operations within SQL Server. This session also has Demos showing how components of SQL Engine works for queries.
    Deepthi will show you how the SQL engine thinks – enabling you to think like it!

    Deepthi is a Database administrator with 7 years of experience. She completed her Masters in Computer Technology at Eastern Illinois University and she is a Microsoft certified solution expert (MCSE). You can find her blog at dbanuggets.com and follow her on twitter: @dbanuggets

  • SQL Server to Azure SQL: Performance and Availability - Bob Ward

    We'll be joining the Austin and Dallas Azure groups this month. All the below is copied from that meetup:

    Austin Azure Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/azureaustin/events/273255245/

    Online MS Teams link https://aka.ms/AzureMeetupNov2020

    You’ve been responsible for getting your SQL Server fast, keeping it fast, and making it highly available. In this session, you'll learn about the choices you make in Azure SQL and how they affect your performance and availability. We'll also show you how you can translate your existing SQL Server skills and apply them to Azure SQL.

    Your speaker tonight is Bob Ward, Principal Architect at Microsoft

    Bob is a Principal Architect on the Azure Data Engineering team.

    • 5:30 pm Arrivals and Networking
    • 6:00 pm Welcome, Introductions, Announcements
    • 6:15 – 7:30 pm presentation
    • 7:30 pm Q&A
    • 8:00 pm Conclude

  • Get the best TCO running SQL Server on Azure VM - Amit Banerjee

    We'll join the Austin and Dallas Azure groups this month. The below is from the Austin Azure Meeting posting:

    Original meetup event: https://www.meetup.com/azureaustin/events/273258173/

    Online MS Teams link https://aka.ms/AzureMeetupOct2020

    Running SQL Server on Azure virtual machine gives you the ability to leverage a managed Infrastructure as a Service offering to run your beloved data platform. This session will be focused on showcasing the benefits of running SQL Server on Azure VM, best practices and leveraging some of the existing Azure services to make operations easier. In this session, you will also learn how you can leverage additional benefits of FREE SQL Server licenses for High Availability and Disaster Recovery.

    Your speaker tonight is Amit Banerjee from Microsoft

    Amit is a Principal Group Program Manager on the Azure Data Engineering Team at Microsoft

    • 5:30 pm Arrivals and Networking
    • 6:00 pm Welcome, Introductions, Announcements
    • 6:15 – 7:30 pm presentation
    • 7:30 pm Q&A
    • 8:00 pm Conclude

  • NORTH - How Do You Stay Motivated at Work? by Mike Burek

    ** Online only. Open to anyone, anywhere. **

    Skype link: https://join.skype.com/qIUPHtAnNFkU

    Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work we go.

    Day after day, you go to the same job. We'll have an open conversation about different ways to stay motivated, or regain motivation, with your job. There won't be a presentation screen you need to concentrate on, so feel encouraged to join from a phone while sitting on a comfy couch, or maybe sitting at the kitchen table while you work on a hobby.

  • What do kids think of your data job? (Kids highly encouraged to join and talk)

    ** Online only **

    Since you spend all your working day trying to keep house noises out of your meetings, bring your kids in! Drop in for 5 minutes, until they get bored, and let them tell us what they think. Or just show them in the background rolling their eyes while you talk to "old people." It would be hard to add your kids' voice to an in-person meeting, so let's take advantage of online meetings from home and include your kids!

    (Insert meme that's the opposite of "Hide yo kids, Hide yo spouse")

    Regarding kids of all ages, "to kids from one to ninety-two." Also, your own kids, or related kids, or kids you interact with often.

    What do they think of your job? Do you work too much? Do they have no idea what you do? Do they think your job doesn't make sense? Do they want a job like you? Do they think your job is lame and you should become a monster truck driver, or a rocket scientist, or an artist? Do you think your job is a good profession for your kids to get in to?

    Do you think there is a good education path for getting into your job? Would you change any existing education paths? Would you add in extra education? What do you think about college or certification or internships or self-projects for kids to get into a data career?

    And any other related questions or comments you or your kids want to talk about!

  • NORTH - Useful Tools for DBA and SQL Developer Work - Jay, Mike, Joe

    Teams link:

    ** Online only presentation **
    NEW SPEAKERS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED, plus anyone outside of Austin. We are looking for 10 presenters.

    A 5-10 MINUTE PRESENTATION about a tool that you find useful in your DBA or SQL Developer work. There is no wrong answer, just tell us one tool you find useful and how you use it. This should be just an introduction to the tool and one or two things you find useful about it. At one time you didn’t know about this tool. And there are lots of other people who also do not know about this tool. The one restriction is to not choose SSMS. We will have a different lightning talk about SSMS tips.

    HOW TO SIGN UP TO TALK: Join the Austin SQL Server Meetup group and add a comment with the tool you will talk about. Check the comments to avoid talking on the same tool.


    WHY SIGNUP: Share your knowledge. Tell your boss you presented at a user group. So that we can trick you into trying presenting and maybe liking presenting and then you will want to present another topic. Your presentation could give someone else the courage to present.

    WHAT IF YOU’RE UNEASY: Someone out there doesn’t know about your tool or uses it differently. The goal is to present good information, not to impress the smartest person you can think of. There is no wrong answer, just tell us one tool you find useful and how you use it. There is a full skill set range of people who attend, and everyone has different experiences, so there are people out there who have never used the tool you talk about. Or someone who doesn’t know a feature you quickly highlight in your talk.

    TRICKS TO PRESENT ONLINE IF YOU ARE SHY: You don’t have to worry about looking at the audience. You can stare at your screen the whole time. You don’t have to show your webcam. Make a full introduction slide, and that can easily take 2 minutes of your time. You can write out some possible questions to help you feel prepared. It is very normal to say that you don’t yet know or haven’t tried something if someone asks you a question you don’t know the answer to. You can even send a few canned questions to us so we can ask you to create a controlled back-and-forth discussion.

    HOW TO PRESENT: You can share your screen with a PowerPoint slide deck. Or share your screen walking through the tool. Or record a video of you using the tool and you can share your screen and play the video. If you are worried about screen sharing, let us know and we can put your visuals on our screen, and you can just talk.

  • NORTH - Azure DevOps: Fall into the Pit of Success - Jeffrey Palermo

    ** We are partnering with the Azure DevOps group this month to learn about Azure DevOps. He will go over the .Net side of this, but Jeffrey is very experience all around, and can answer database related questions. I've had a hard time getting into DevOps when I see a presentation centered just on the SQL Server side because I don't understand how this all fits with the rest of the company. So I'm thinking that since DevOps is much more mature from the .Net side, that will give a very solid foundation on the usefulness of DevOps and how the SQL Server side can fit in. - Mike **

    ** Online only presentation **

    You can attend the meetup online with MS Teams using this link https://aka.ms/AustinAzureJune2020 ***

    Azure DevOps Services and all of the automation involved for a complete DevOps environment can be daunting. In this talk, Jeffrey Palermo provides prescriptive guidance for developers to fall into the "pit of success" when creating automated DevOps pipelines for complex .NET apps targeting Azure.

    Jeffrey Palermo is the CEO of Clear Measure, a DevOps-centered software engineering firm, one of the fastest growing small businesses in central TX (ABJ/Inc. 5000). Jeffrey has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP since 2006 and has spoken at national conferences such as Microsoft Ignite, Tech Ed, VS Live, and DevTeach. He has founded and run several software user groups and is the author of several print books, video books, and many articles. A graduate of Texas A&M University (BA) and the Jack Welch Management Institute (MBA), an Eagle Scout, and an Iraq war veteran, Jeffrey likes to spend time with his family of five camping and riding dirt bikes.

    • 5:30 pm Arrivals and Networking
    • 6:00 pm Welcome, Introductions, Announcements
    • 6:15 – 7:30 pm presentation
    • 7:30 pm Q&A
    • 8:00 pm Conclude