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So you think you want to build a framework

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Austin Selenium Meetup and HomeAway are excited to have Adam Goucher as our guest speaker this month. Adam is an active member of both the core development team and the larger Selenium community. He also keeps us up to date on all of the interesting things with the Official Selenium Blog (

So you think you want to build a framework

"I would guess that the majority of people start out with automation thinking that you just need to decide on a library [like Selenium] and they're done. Except, its not that simple. Have you thought about a Runner? A collection strategy? Getting [useful] reports? That your CI server knows how to read? By the time you realize you have had to think about these /and implement them/ it is too late and your solution ends up being, at best, a hack.

"In this talk I'll itemize the things that I have learned while building out automation frameworks over the last decade. Whether you have already built a framework or are on the cusp of starting one, this talk should give you plenty of things to start experimenting with tomorrow."

Drinks and refreshments will be served.

Free parking is available in the garage. Take the elevator up to the third floor.