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Putting together a useful Selenium Webdriver infrastructure

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Kevin H. and Titus F.


It has been a while since our first meetup but I'm excited to announce our next one although it is on short notice. Titus Fortner and Alan Scherger of HomeAway are going to present...

Putting together a useful Selenium Webdriver infrastructure

A simple, high level view of how to quickly set up a robust Selenium Webdriver implementation in a constantly changing code environment. Moving past imperative logic to put everything in its own place with Page Objects and testing the code. We’ll also cover running the tests and their usage with the Selenium Grid and integrating tests with build tools.

This will be a great presentation for new and experienced selenium users! Hope to see you there.

Drinks and refreshments will be served.

Free parking is available in the garage. Take the elevator up to the third floor.


1011 W. 5th St.,Ste. 300 · Austin, TX
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