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Austin Sierra Club (http://sierraclub.org/texas/austin) (local branch of the Sierra Club) holds outings for outdoor activities: hiking, camping, biking, backpacking, kayaking, community service projects, and more. These include local one-day events to greenbelts and natural areas, weekend trips to state parks, as well as longer trips to national parks.

All participants must sign our Sign-In Sheet with Participation Agreement (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p8enBBvX9IhDBQz3RkOPjp5l2EMamivw/view) before joining one of our outings. You are strongly urged to add your cell phone and emergency contact numbers on the sheet, for your safety. More information is needed for overnight trips.

Smoking is not allowed on our events. Check with the Leader to see if pets are allowed.

Although it's not necessary to participate in our events, we encourage you to join the Sierra Club (http://sierraclub.org/texas/austin) (in addition to the Meetup group), and support our efforts to protect the environment.

Upcoming events (4+)

Austin Sierra Club Climate Crisis Committee

Needs a location

Austin Sierra Club Climate Crisis Committee
(First Tuesday every month - date change)

The Austin Sierra Club will meet Tuesday, July 5 at 7 pm at the First Unitarian Universalist Church at 4700 Grover Ave. and on Zoom.
Map - https://goo.gl/maps/xpsSX2Myhn58S5qx6
Connect on Zoom at: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5133069449
Note: Enter through courtyard in front of church next to sanctuary. Signs will be posted.

Covid: Masks required

15 min. – Announcements with brief description of action teams
45 min. – Program to be announced

Image: Big Bend National Park ocotillo mortality from drought induced ocotillo borer attack.

Action Teams -- Discuss Action Teams and allow people to sign up to continue the work to stop climate change, an imperative if we want our current civilization to survive. We’ve formed Action Teams on Austin Energy, the Permian Pipeline, Rio Grande Valley Support, Carbon Fee & Dividend, People Power, Data Entry, and Presentations and more. We have identified additional action teams we’d like to form, including Transportation, Climate Justice, Partner Organizations, School Education, and Social Media. Whether you have only minutes a month or hours a day, join us to build a mass movement to stop climate change. Or join another group fighting this vital cause.

Discovery Wells/Twin Creeks Hike

1000 Del Roy Dr

Let's do a pair of moderate hikes in NW Travis County. There is some rocky terrain.

First we can hike a couple of flat miles at Discovery Wells Cave Preserve, then we can go down the road for a couple of scenic miles at Twin Creeks.
Bring water and hiking boots. Hats are recommended.

Afterwards, we can get a bite to eat at a nearby Mediterranean cafe.

Participants MUST MAINTAIN 6 FEET DISTANCING at all times, and masks must be worn inside buildings where possible. Participants must sign a Liability Waiver upon arrival. You may view the waiver document: https://tinyurl.com/SCSignUpSheet2020
COVID-19 safety measures
Event will be outdoor
The event host is instituting the above safety measures for this event. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring, and will not independently verify, that these precautions are followed.

Barton Creek Hike (Fast & Strenuous)

Twin Falls

(Please read!)
*We’ll hike at a brisk pace. We’ll cover roughly 7-8 miles. We’ll hike the greenbelt HILLS, cover ROCKY terrain, find the RIGOROUS and somewhat STRENUOUS sections rarely seen by most. We’ll follow the less-used Greenbelt trails taking us to and beyond many of the wonders and treasures of Barton Creek.

*Be prepared to keep up! The hike will be challenging but doable; mysterious yet approachable.
This hike is geared towards a small group of fun people who really like hiking. This is for experienced hikers who already have good conditioning, balance, who enjoy trails with rocky, uneven terrain. No dogs or snails allowed.

*We’ll work out and work up an appetite on the trail too. We’ll go out for pizza and pints post hike (with super salads always as an option).

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by." This is one of my favorite hikes, using alternative, less traveled routes while covering as much of the Greenbelt as time permits.

Suggestions: (You’ve been warned!)

  • Maintain 6-feet of separation between hikers, just don’t fall too far behind.
  • Bring an extra shirt for after the hike because you will be soaked from sweat.
  • Be on time. We will leave promptly at 8:05 am. We do not wait.
  • Wear hiking shoes. Bring water (at least 2 liters to survive the summer heat), a snack, and your camera.
  • RSVP only if you will be attending. Attendance will be tracked, and habitual no-shows will be removed from future events.

Notes on how to find the meeting point: We meet at the Mopac Pedestrian Bridge.
From Capital of Texas Highway, turn as if you’re heading south on Mopac. But instead of taking the Mopac on-ramp, remain on the frontage road. Just past the ramp, you’ll find the Barton Creek Greenbelt Twin Falls access point. Look for parked cars on the right side of the road, and you’ll find the entrance near the U-turn. There is no parking lot, which is why it’s tricky. Be careful of traffic when walking along the road. Don't leave visible valuables in your car, lock everything in your trunk.

*** PARTICIPANTS MUST SIGN A LIABILITY WAIVER. BRING YOUR OWN PEN to sign in at the trailhead. You may view the document: https://tinyurl.com/SCSignUpSheet2020
Please consider becoming an official member of the Sierra Club. Membership isn't necessary to join the hike but it's highly encouraged: http://www.sierraclub.org/texas/austin
The Sierra Club appreciates donations to fund its administrative and outreach programs.
In going on a Sierra Club outing, you are potentially on a trip with individuals vaccinated and unvaccinated. It is your choice to attend this outing knowing this information. If someone is experiencing any possible COVID symptoms or is sick, they should not attend the outing. The participant is responsible for contacting the leader to report a positive COVID test.

Clear Fallen Branches from Hiking and Cycling Trails in Walnut Creek Park

Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

Sign up for this event on the Keep Walnut Creek Wild GivePulse page.

From 9 a.m. to noon this Saturday, Feb. 11, come to give back for the many times you have enjoyed the hiking or cycling trails in Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. The ice storm brought many limbs down, left others hanging loosely above the trail, and in some places brought the canopy so low that riders or even hikers cannot safely move along the trail.

Tools and work gloves will be provided. If you have a pole saw, pruning saw, or loppers, feel free to bring it—but no power tools (not even battery-operated saws). The city does not allow volunteers to use power tools.

Dress for the weather, wear sturdy shoes, and bring a hard hat or helmet if you have one.

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Hike Town Lake

The Rock at Town Lake