What we're about

This group is for people who are social and spiritual visionaries driven to make a significant positive impact on the world by sharing their story. If you want to pursue a career sharing your insights and experiences to heal and transform the world, this is the group for you. We'll learn how to get clarity on our story, how speak with passion and energy, and how to inspire people to action.

Some of the principles this group is founded upon:

* Each person's story is unique and valuable. We respect each person's life experience and can learn something from it.

* We express our spiritual ideas and perspectives, transcending the physical realm. We realize that there is more to reality than what we see with our eyes.

* We are tolerant of all religions, and the individual's rights to choose. We do not force our religions upon others.

* We are committed to sharing our experiences for the benefit of others.

* We are open to being vulnerable by speaking our truth and creating deep connections.

* We provide constructive feedback on other members' speaking effectiveness, in an effort to help us collectively improve our speaking abilities.

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