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Are you a street performer or someone with a super talent or two; or a parkour; or a grown up kid at heart; a little offbeat; or an improv actor; or a comic book enthusiast; or a gamer, banker, accountant, IT Pro, [insert your profession] by day, super hero by night; or anyone with an outgoing personality looking for new and unique way to express yourself? Well, if you are one or more of those things then this group for you! ...Wait, Superhero? Yup! Being a Real Life Superhero (RLSH) is not a new concept, you'll find them in many cities around the world, but we believe that an organization such as ours is a perfect fit here in Austin.

What are we? Entertainers + performers + community activists + homeless advocates + first responders* all rolled into one. We are a crime watch organization that will regularly patrol the public streets of Austin while keeping out of harms way. We will organize as a non-for-profit group. Host fund raising events. Interact with the public in creative, entertaining ways. And have fun!

How to become an Austin League of Super Citizens? As a start up organization we are open to anyone who wishes to join provided that you promise to do a three things (In the near future, an organizer's approval will be necessary).

• Create you own Real Life Super Hero persona/alter ego.

• Design and create your own RLSH costume and upload a photo with you in your complete outfit.

• Complete the profile questionnaire.

• Attend at least one monthly function to remain active.

Feel free to join first and figure out the rest later.

Doing our part to keep Austin weird!

Here is a pic of RLSH from cities around the country. Just to give you some idea.


Visit our FB page. (https://www.facebook.com/AustinSuperCitizens/) We will have a monthly meetings, go on patrols, conduct fundraising events, etc.

(* training required to become certified, not required to be a member.)

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