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Austin UXPA is a local chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) (http://uxpa.org/). We are a non-profit, volunteer-run 503(c) charity with the goal of providing educational and networking events for user experience designers, researchers, information architects and developers.

We generally meet the first Tuesday of the month in Austin, but the location varies.

2019 Officers and Board of Directors
President: Donna Habersaat
Vice-President: Cheenu Chari
Financial Officer: Danielle Mudle
Secretary: Ellen Lazaretti
Directors of Communication: Sebastian Maldonado, Ajia Leilani Wallace
Directors of Membership: Meg Nidever, Yoomi Cha
Directors of Events & Programs: Bart Renner, Kristin Sullivan, Jami Peets, Stephanie Schuhmacher
Directors of Sonsorship & Outreach: Harish Raghuraman, Ravindra Papineni
Directors of Mentorship & Career Development: Georgette Sullivan, Jared (JJ) Rogers
Directors of Educational Communities: Tim Sandfort, Rebecca Wood-Spagnoli

Advisory members include: Lawrence Najjar, Reyda Taylor, Kate Moon, Lori Lopez, Kailyn Lim, Larissa Bemis, Andrea Beaumont.

Have a question or want to speak at a meeting? Contact a board member by clicking on the Organizers (http://www.meetup.com/Austin-User-Experience-Professionals-Association/members/?op=leaders) area or email us at austinuxpa (at) gmail.com.

Join the conversation through our Slack channel (https://join.slack.com/t/uxpa-austin/shared_invite/zt-8jhqaj47-5r_kuxDXTqD~enfc46pn6g) where we post jobs, information about our events, and share UX resources.

Membership is completely free, but donations keep the Meetup site running and help us put on awesome events! We graciously accept donations through Paypal (https://www.paypal.me/austinuxpa), or contact Danielle Mundle, treasurer, through Meetup DM.

Austin UXPA Bylaws: http://tinyurl.com/yyzvp7vx Please reach out to Ellen Lazaretti for questions.

Upcoming events (2)

The Customer's Reason Why: New Thinking on How Content fits with UX and Design

Should we consider content a part of design or does lumping content in with design do it a disservice? In this talk, we’ll tour content at three depths. We’ll begin with an intro to content, content strategy, and adjacent disciplines like UX writing. Next, we’ll discuss how content and design currently shape user experiences. And finally, we’ll go deep and explore abstraction, alternatives to design thinking, and whether a new model for UX-type work might yield better results. -About the Speaker- Tim Sandfort is an independent content strategist in Austin, Texas. He serves on Austin UXPA’s Board as a Director of Events & Programming and is a co-organizer of the Austin Content Meetup. He hopes you’ll attend and enjoy this event. :) -Schedule- 6:30 - 7:00 CDT - Musician TBA 7:00 - 7:50 CDT - Talk by Tim Sandfort 7:50 - 8:00 CDT - Q&A This meetup will be held over Zoom. We'll share the link for the Zoom meeting on the day of the event.


Online event

Hello, my HAPPY readers, I am excited to announce our next UXPA book club read - Heart of UX: the Way of the Connected Researcher by Jessica Steinbomer and Jon-Eric Steinbomer. Meetup date for Wednesday, September 9th, 6:00 - 7:30 pm The shipping takes about 2 weeks so order ASAP! We will read pages 17-72 This book, while aimed at the Researcher, is valuable for everyone involved in UX Design and Development. Paraphrased from the back cover: The Heart of UX guides the researcher and their design/development team into deeper states of connection. They illustrate best practices in UX research, co-mingled with relevant instruction in neuroscience, psychology, and physics. The blend of instruction and insight leads to a fuller awareness of “self”, in order to develop technologies that serve Humanity. Knowing and owning the linked intricacies of these elements helps you become a Connected Researcher and team: those who move with passion and fluidity, sprinkled with grace. The Heart of UX guides you to: • Clarified vision and creativity for designing better products • Increased connections with: Co-workers, Study participants, and Client teams • Greater sense of wholeness as a person • A way to connect to your work and world more deeply • Specific and reliable tools for empathy • Self-care and boundaries To order the book go to: www.Heartofux.com Top Right PRODUCTS Click Image of Book I hope you will join us for our online discussion. Zoom link will be sent out the night before. As with our previous ZOOM meetings, we will have 31 slots. If you are unable to attend please change your status on Meetup so the next person on the waitlist can be admitted! Teaser - We may play a little game as well. Happy reading!! Julieanne UXPA Bookclub Facilitator

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