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The 5 existential crises of working in tech & Indie Microblogging

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120 people went

Buffalo Billiards

201 E 6th St · Austin, TX

How to find us

Find us on the second floor, up the stairs to the right when you first come in. This event is at a bar, so be prepared to be carded at the door.

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Join us for the next monthly Refresh Austin meeting. We'll have Manton Reece and Brandon Hayes speaking. Click thru to learn more and RSVP. Thanks to Microsoft for sponsoring!


Indie Microblogging

Manton Reece (@manton2 (

It used to be that if you wanted to write on the web, you posted to your own blog. Now, most text and photos go into closed platforms like Twitter and Facebook. But what if we could bring the UI innovations of today's social networks and apply them to blogs and independent publishing? In this talk we'll explore why it's important to control your own content, the problems with today's social networks, the rise of Mastodon, and the architecture of We'll go over steps for starting a microblog with WordPress and integrating it into a growing ecosystem of indie microblogs.

The 5 existential crises of working in tech

Brandon Hayes (@tehviking (

Have you ever felt like you are in the passenger seat of your career? By simply looking around and seeing how few 20+ year veterans you work with, you're actually staring our industry's sustainability problem right in the face. But the software industry needs you still contributing 20 years from now! Fret not, we can start fixing these problems, right now, in your own job.
Using in-depth research across companies of all sizes, you'll come away with a plan to start designing a sustainable career track to help you grow in skill, influence, and income now and long into the future.


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