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What we’re about

As women, and as entrepreneurs, we often run our businesses (and lives) on instincts, not knowing exactly what will work or what we could be missing. The 'Austin's women in business' group was set-up to bring together intelligent and passionate women with great minds and exceptional talents, in a collaborative environment. We tackle various subjects; from basic day to day business management nuisances, to long term goal planning and strategic business opportunities. This group goes beyond just networking with local female entrepreneurs. It creates a platform for us ladies to commit a vested interest in each other and the society at large. This is a great opportunity to come share and gain new ideas, showcase your product/service, while brokering friendships that may last a lifetime.

You are welcome to contact us for sponsorship, collaboration, and/or event inquiries.

Q: Why there is member dues?

A: Unlike most other social media group which is free. To host group on Meetup, organizer need to pay money to Meetup company every month. However, the real cost and challenge is actually the time. I have to invest estimate 5+ hours/month to a group in average, including but not limited to doing research, planning events, hosting events, reading emails/messages, answering questions, etc! How much is one hour of your precious time worth? So, without your support, it is unsustainable!