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Welcome to The Women's Mystical Collective!
🌙 Sisters of the Earth, Sun, Sky & Sea

The Women’s Mystic Collective was formed by a group of Spiritual women from a wide range of backgrounds who are passionate in believing that when women gather and share wisdoms, healing for all takes place. We are made up of astrologers, herbalists, earth worshipers, pagans & ritualists. There is room for you!

We gather on Friday nights in an amazing South Austin location in a Geodesic Dome, as well as occasionally in private homes as well. Every time we meet, we cast a Sacred Circle, co-creating safe space for all women to share and be heard. Topics are as diverse as the women who present them and include: shamanic journey, herbs & their magical & mundane uses, candle magic, Goddesses, seasonal & magical crafts, and more!

We are much more than your common variety entertainment, social or teaching group... the group has answered the Call to help women develop real lasting friendships & Sisterhood. Together we will mark & celebrate the Sabbats (solar) & Esbats (lunar) together. There is nothing more natural than aligning with the changing Tides of the Seasons. {Note: We are not a Coven, be we do incorporate a lot of magic!}

There is no one leader. This group is run by a Council of women with Heart, who have known one another, circled with each other, as well as journeyed together. We are all co-conspirators and collaborators!

ALL women are highly encouraged to share and participate. We also very much want to encourage women to let us know of any helpful mundane specialities, magical skills or esoteric topics, that they can present once they've become comfortable with our group format.

All Wisdoms are freely shared by the women presenting... we do ask for a $10 donation per event, per attendee to help pay for the rented space. No woman is turned away for lack of funds. If you can pay more, please do- no one is making money, this isn't a commercial venture- we simply must pay for rent!

☆ We are 100% run by volunteers, who work hours & hours, to make this happen because we believe in women, and know that Sisterhood is Powerful, and that this is needed now more than ever!

Come Join us!

Our Circles require no prior knowledge or experience, only an open heart and desire to work with each other!

We look forward to meeting you at our next event!

Blessed Be,
Your Organizers,
Crescent, Holly & Lorraine

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