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It’s ok to mess up. Parenting is hard. There are so many people and books telling us what to do. When you’re in it, things don’t usually go the way you hope. Often you get frustrated and you don’t do things the way you intend. You really care about your child and want to give them the best care possible yet that isn’t happening as often as you’d like..

I feel a lot of tenderness for what my parents went through. They read all the books, and they still made so many mistakes. My parents often couldn’t see me and detect the emotional confusion that was driving my behavior. I believe if my parents could actually see me clearly, they would have been able to give me the support I needed at that time.

You’re not a bad parent. Sometimes it’s hard to break through your kid’s shell and understand what is really happening. Its hard to make the choices you’d like to when you’re knee deep in frustration because your child isn’t following directions and you have to get from A to B right now..

I am here to help. I know how to think like a kid. I have a Master’s in Psychology and specialize in helping you understand what is happening when your child is stuck in what looks like behavior. I also want to help you navigate all the emotions that come up for you when it is not working. This is all super normal and there is a way it can be easier for you.

Join us for our monthly lab series, where we look at what problems are up for you in parenting, and how you can more easily bring the love and care you already have for your child. Parenting may be hard, but I am here to help it become easy and to build a community of support.

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You're not a bad parent

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You're not a bad parent

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