Navigating Successful 3somes w/Reid, Monique, & Peter + live lab

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Austin Area Sex-Positive Events
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Three doesn’t necessarily have to be a crowd… Let Reid show you how!
It’s a popular fantasy with twice the pleasure potential, but navigating a three-way romance (if only for one night) can be tricky.

Join world renowned sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko for this, fun-filled, 2 hr workshop (with live demonstrations!)

Not only will you get a chance to ask questions, but we’ll cover:

What are the best techniques to satisfy two lovers at once?
Ways to overcome fears and concerns – Yours AND your partner’s!
The most common threesome mistakes (and how to avoid them!)
How to negotiate boundaries and safer sex protocols to make your next menage a trios tré bien!
Whether you’ve had more threesomes than Jim Morrison or are just beginning to consider three-in-a-bed might be something you’d like to explore, this workshop will give you plenty of tools, tricks, perspectives and laughs to enhance your love life and strengthen your relationships!

Even if you would NEVER be interested in a 3-way, this fun-filled class will give you lots of ways to talk to your loved ones about the things you DO WANT in the bedroom – no matter how tame or outrageous!

Bring your loved ones, bring your friends, and enjoy an educational and entertaining evening on how to successfully navigate one of the most common sexual fantasies: the threesome!

The second half of this class, you will get to break out into threesome pods, Monique and Peter will lead you through different connection exercises where you will get to practice, in real time, what Reid just offered you about navigating this tricky territory.

This will be Austin's first 3some live lab! where you can come with a couple of partners and do all the negotiated exercises with one another, or you can choose to rotate through the room, where at each station (Exercise) you will have a chance to interact with 2 new partners. This is an excellent safe fully clothed structured space, for you to get move through the potential awkward moments of a three or moresome, so if you ever decide you want to try one later, you will have practiced those muscles necessary to more successfully navigate those waters.
Plus it will just be a fun, connective, humorous evening, where in we get permission to laugh at ourselves, to not have to "get it right" as you dare to try out something new.

Love exchange $35 prepaid or $90 per 3some
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