The Grand Conjunction of 2020


Astrologers have been long tracking the upcoming Grand Conjunction in January 2020. An event that has been predicted in films like The Dark Crystal. This is a culmination point on a global front that will impact the collective as Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and a stellium of other planets will come together in the sign of Capricorn. There will be lots of planetary transits occurring in the beginning of 2020 that will cause a major shift in our current systems and processes, breaking down and transforming old paradigms into a new way of life that encompasses freedom, community, compassion and living our soul's purpose. A new Earth is emerging and we have chosen a momentous time to be alive.

Come join in on a discussion about where we see the world changing, and learn how to prepare for the upcoming astrological transits in the new year.

Sliding scale: $15-25