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My name is Mike and I run all the Chicago meet ups here in Austin ,and I would like to welcome you our group. I started this group about 5 years ago. First an foremost I wanted to thank the nearly 750 followers of this page, as well as our many Facebook page. If you are not on them here are the links for all of them. We have nearly 5,000 followers combined on our Austin, Sports Watch Party Pages. We hope you come to our new Austin home (Buford's) when the Bears play the Falcons at Noon on Sunday, September 10th. We are also having our 4th Annual Bear Crawl Bar Crawl on Saturday September 2nd when we will take over 7 Austin Bars. Its only $10 to attend if you register by September 1st. The day of it will be $15. All proceeds of the bar crawl go to Make-A-Wish of Central and South Texas. go to this link to register-> https://squareup.com/market/feedback-watch-parties

Wristbands will be distributed the day of the bar crawl. We have some great drink specials lined up.

Bears -https://www.facebook.com/centralaustinchicagobearsmeetup?ref=hl (http://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTt4Qsz0OkZRmNmr-2BCWT5l72LqozYKnNm-2Btz9D1yz5EDNzCWW4tG6q7SJ-2FuZJeEz1P5dbLTmvGhbeQjmnUpBHTDc8-3D_HDu-2BON2WuckNVJ2U1s3AlPySk1iI2qwEVH0wsGqkceomwun5a4a32yGB0VQMDAx0-2FuA0BjZiwv1bBlburIET00DqOVmLKNQP1Zkwxr-2BwQcyudKVtxJu9wrAZHkWvjpG8ZJ9uYG92KELyINTOuOEEql8GMGbLUuxjG7msox-2FggySeG9QPdIR-2F6Z1ut0jR0oqYYNpa8AsXPlMGxae9pLWry-2Fw1vHgusxrf15A1sqbMY08-3D)

Blackhawks -https://www.facebook.com/pages/Austin-Chicago-Blackhawks-Watch-Party/297844773720479 (http://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTt4Qsz0OkZRmNmr-2BCWT5l72Js-2Fucu9ZMtP2CcftlIyGlbxPUPhVNz-2FrnMM5bHd7t94y9QCgKEGytj6wcXnW5sdEdHSpDr9ppysGrpP4GEJ6bV_HDu-2BON2WuckNVJ2U1s3AlPySk1iI2qwEVH0wsGqkceomwun5a4a32yGB0VQMDAx0-2FuA0BjZiwv1bBlburIET091vTHTNeyqy-2BmZKKJ2ffzfMxoh0qppYfNKdOD9xh5-2F3jE46uo3Xlu-2FwzmX-2BX5eN-2FRV1jVrLrFwAZGZL9lJDz2AnKtoWZOshpygOZkUKPRXVsYOVNIoiFY7a332ve8OnPMH-2FuAVXdxz8Mwk1bb-2Bp0wk-3D)

Bulls -https://www.facebook.com/pages/Austin-Chicago-Bulls-Watch-Party/1535617093384897 (http://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTt4Qsz0OkZRmNmr-2BCWT5l72Js-2Fucu9ZMtP2CcftlIyGlbEpQFPpxJxBwnVUYJI4DgPcxLY9Vv7Dz1gN-2FOfwEdIfpUxG4Ub0a-2FXHr8oGhqpbQZ_HDu-2BON2WuckNVJ2U1s3AlPySk1iI2qwEVH0wsGqkceomwun5a4a32yGB0VQMDAx0-2FuA0BjZiwv1bBlburIET0yjB3lqgLVCDJlcFM-2FLjT-2Ft0GYnc-2FQWr34In0eUthfwCq1W8OSsYfRVZnacffElMhteQXjaSYJDQHHdf2z9DL6zZaWmYR6Wfh-2BeqGXGoqtzp-2FkHux0eVU8VBJTZR0o-2Bs3gyDieL7BO0qmxaTgwhZmpk-3D)

Cubs and Sox -https://www.facebook.com/pages/Austin-Chicago-White-Sox-and-Cubs-Watch-party/457378577746966?ref=hl (http://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTt4Qsz0OkZRmNmr-2BCWT5l72Js-2Fucu9ZMtP2CcftlIyGlbcv3P4XeqXid-2Bda-2B1fqk5y0IDi4iWsDpfrFES7N2ufQmiaMS-2FPEbVkrrgZG9QAhdKdhyeaHO-2FltrDD4nerdsICA-3D-3D_HDu-2BON2WuckNVJ2U1s3AlPySk1iI2qwEVH0wsGqkceomwun5a4a32yGB0VQMDAx0-2FuA0BjZiwv1bBlburIET002zLforz4m11ut20BQYGY5w28NoXxe9YCP0cZ0yqGIWhhAIb4QA1qL1ACgHLgzB8TXUC6J2JNUExFk-2FQxneGoFhvS1hhfXWOrpWwrnEwZMPP3uARPTYr5lB37rbE-2FEjHGSSIZfePIArDSZMJOhWS7Q-3D)

Then if you live in the Round Rock/ North Austin Area we are excited to announce there will be a new Chicago bar in downtown Round Rock opening this "Winter" called Finley's which is owned by one of the former owners of Thirsty Nickel. Because Finley's will not be open for the 2017 Football Season, our home in North Austin will be at Fire and Ice Pizza Bar Located at 2601 S Interstate 35 B300, Round Rock, TX 78664

Here is the link to the North Austin - Chicago Sports fans Facebook page that will showcase their events


In the past we have gone to Thirsty Nickel in Austin, but we no longer go there for many reasons. When Thirsty Nickel was sold, they fired all of the employees that we have grown to love, they took away our rewards program, and they refused to pay their commitment for hosting our watch parties which we would have donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation.

So our new home for Chicago Sports is Buford's located at 700 W. 6th Street. So we are no longer near the ARCH, there is more parking, and its a larger space for us to watch our beloved Chicago teams. Buford's will be carrying 312 and Goose Island, and have all the Flags and Banners up that we have grown accustom to having.

You can also find all of our events on FoamFingerNation.com, Just make yourself a profile and you will be able to find Chicago Sporting events from all over the country if you happen to be traveling or moving!

Again, thanks for being part of the page and I encourage you to check out the Facebook pages I mentioned as they are more interactive than this meet up page.

Bear Down, Austin,

Thank you ,

Michael Fioretti

Group Founder.





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