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Lunch and Learn - REVD Up

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Lunch and Learn - REVD Up


Join us as we learn more about the project that Scott Phillips and Raymond Malkiewicz from REVD UP are working on.

They are working to tell the stories of real people living real lives with their real electric vehicles. REVD UP's mission is to share the experiences of EV drivers from all walks of life who love their cars and they have stories from people all over the political, religious, and financial spectrum.

Ray is a Real Electric Vehicle Driver with a real curiosity about people and cars. He knows most brands of EVs and is always curious to learn more. As the host of REVD UP's videos, he is eager to explore other people's journeys and help show off their cars.

Scott is a Real Electric Vehicle Driver, and passionate about people switching. He is all about having the "outside the box" drivers become center stage in the conversation.

Join us on Thursday, November 19 from 12-1 CST to find out more about REV'D UP - and how to tell your story.
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