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Invite: Pre Turkey Networking with Rooster Teeth Guest Speakers & Live Intros 
You're invited to the Austin Entertainment Business (AEB) Mixer next Tuesday, November 20 at Speakeasy downtown Austin. Did you know there's a major studio headquartered in Austin? Every year over 60,000 screaming fans descend on Austin to get a glimpse of their favorite Rooster Teeth Stars. Live Action Supervising Producer Will Hyde and documentary supervisor and producer Hannah McCarthy reveal what it takes to create popular content for a global fanbase with Q&A after. More Info on Guest Speakers Will Hyde is a Supervising Producer for Rooster Teeth in Austin, TX. Originally from Englewood, FL he spent several years in Los Angeles working in theatrical marketing, advertising, VFX and original content. Since joining Rooster Teeth Will has produced projects such as BLOOD FEST, THE SUPER SLOW SHOW, 11 LITTLE ROOSTERS, IMMERSION and many more. Hannah McCarthy is currently a documentary supervisor and producer at Rooster Teeth. Prior to joining Rooster Teeth, Hannah worked on shows for the Discovery Channel, A&E, TNT, Animal Planet, TLC, and PBS. SCHEDULE When: November 20, 2018 Time: 7PM-9:30PM Where: The Speakeasy - 412 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701 Parking: street or suggested parking at $10 structure located on Colorado just South of 6th. Quick walk around the corner to Speakeasy. Schedule: 7PM-7:30PM- arrivals/ meet and greet for members and their guests. AEB support staff helps with strategic connections. 7:30 PM- Producer Jennifer Hutchins offers advice to attendees based on 15 years in the trenches producing TV & Film. 8:00PM- 8:30 PM: Guest Speakers and Q&A 8:30-9:30PM- Networkers can introduce themselves to the group on open microphone. 9:30PM- Room opens to the general public/ continued networking. Who should attend? Investors, Human Resources, Producers, Directors, Writers, Production Company Reps, Agents, Managers, Actors, Actresses, Director of Photography, Production Designers, Editors, Costume Designers, Musicians, Composers, Casting Directors, Acting Teachers, Studio Teachers, Camera, G&E, Sound, Hair/ Makeup, Wardrobe, Art Department, Visual Effects, Colorists, Animation, Production Assistants, and more! Location: Speakeasy is a sprawling 3-level nightclub with nightly live music & weekend DJs, '20s-style decor & rooftop patio. Drink specials for group members and their guests: $5 cocktails and $4 beers. What to bring It's helpful to have a goal in mind and be specific. Networkers are already landing jobs at "Austin Entertainment Business" events and the group has been listed as an official support organization on the Austin Film Commission website: 80% of jobs are from relationships and referrals. AUSTIN ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS HELPS MAKE THOSE CONNECTIONS. Join a variety of Texas Entertainment folks for networking, guest speakers, Q&A and introduce yourself to the group on an open mic. You can't just jump into a marriage. You've got to date first! AEB works to inspire our industry to form relationships. By offering and receiving help from each other, we can all move projects forward with vetted teams. Austin Entertainment Business founder Jennifer Hutchins is working to form an official chapter of the Producers Guild of America (PGA) in Austin, TX. Events are already being held monthly for members and future members. For more info: [masked]. Next event is Dec. 17 at AFS Theatre. "Everything you can imagine is real" - Pablo Picasso

The Speakeasy (Music Lounge/Downstairs)

412 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701 · Austin, TX

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Austin Entertainment Business meetup (AEB) is listed as an official support organization ( at the Austin Film Commission.

80% of jobs are from relationships and referrals. Austin Entertainment Business meetup helps members network with success to get to that dream job. The best networking starts with forming a relationship and offering help. You can't just jump into a marriage. You've got to date first!

There are guest speakers and priceless entertainment industry insider advice saving lots of time and headaches.

Group organizer Jennifer Hutchins has produced over 200 episodes of hit shows for CBS, CNN, A&E, Spike, TLC, Syfy, Discovery, Fox Sports and National Geographic. She has produced many feature films with major production companies, popular directors and celebrities while working to connect investors with high profile slates of films. She also produces branded content for digital and network series with access to network distribution.

Austin Entertainment Business meetup is designed to cut through the bull and save time and money. Hutchins started as a journalist in Michigan and then became an actress in Hollywood. When she wanted to become a producer, she had no idea where to start. She met a very successful producer and volunteered to help him with some projects. In exchange he would mentor her on everything he knew. She realized quickly that she was getting her masters degree in the entertainment business... for free! It was a win win situation. The producer liked her work and she was hired for her first television series as a production assistant. She took the job seriously and was quickly able to move up the chain and by season 2, she was a producer. The show was the #1 rated series on A&E and was called "Criss Angel Mindfreak".

Eventually Hutchins was able to leap from non-fiction producing to film when she volunteered her time and skills for a very successful indie film producer. That producer was so impressed by her work ethic that she ended up hiring Hutchins on two films that got distribution and are available on video demand channels.

By giving first, Hutchins saved time and money.

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." Pele

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