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Superhero Saturday: "The Flash" and "Birds of Prey"

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With a summer full of Iron Man, Wolverine, Man of Steel, and other comic book heroes, let's take a look back at some past attempts to put superheroes on the small screen - "The Flash" and "Birds of Prey".

Following the success of Tim Burton’s visionary Batman, in 1990 CBS green lit a live-action television drama based on the DC Comic character, The Flash. The Flash was one of the most expensive shows on television to produce at the time, costing upwards of a million dollars per episode, and featured a soundtrack by Danny Elfman and costumes by Stan Winston, no strangers to big-budget cinema. Among its highlights were guest appearances by Mark Hamill as The Trickster, a role that presaged his role as the Joker in the Batman animated series.

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Loosely based on the comic book of the same name, Birds of Prey features a trio of superheroic women - The Huntress, daughter of Batman and Catwoman; Oracle, formerly Batgirl, now a wheelchair-bound computer genius; and Dinah, the clairvoyant teen daughter of the original Black Canary. Birds of Prey also features appearances by butler Alfred and supervillain Harley Quinn.

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I will run the best episode of each series, and we will vote for our choice of a third episode to view. I will provide the popcorn, please bring other snacks and drinks to share. And those with allergies please note that a very friendly golden retriever and three cats also live here.