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Share Your Favorite Geeky Movie Night

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Alright fellow geeks - Bring out your favorite geeky movie on DVD. We'll put them all up for a vote and watch the two that everybody most wants to see. Leave the obvious choices at home, the ones that everybody has already seen 10,000 times (Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Matrix, etc.). Instead, please bring your favorite hidden treasure - a great sci-fi or fantasy film that many of us have not seen yet. Past choices have included "Flash Gordon", "Free Enterprise" (with William Shatner rapping Shakespeare), "Gattaca", "Buckaroo Banzai", "Wizards", "Appleseed", "Battle Beyond the Stars", and "Dorkness Rising". What cool, geeky movie would you like to share with your fellow Austin Geeks and Gamers?

I'll provide the popcorn. Please bring sodas and snacks to share. See you then!

(And note, for those with allergies, that a very friendly golden retriever and three semi-friendly cats live here.)