D&D 5th Edition -- The World of Zhaindaiv

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Emerald Tavern Games and Cafe

9012 Research Blvd Ste C6 · Austin

How to find us

Look for the sign with the campaign name on it. If the weather is pleasant, then we'll be out front on the patio.

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**** UPDATE 29 April 2019: We're now back up to a full table, so the RSVPs are now closed. Soon that change in the future, it will be re-opened.
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• What we'll do
Welcome to Zhaindaiv, a world where there are no gods interfering with mortals, alignment is optional, and politically-motivated individuals are as dangerous as the Tainted creatures that regularly raid during Dark Moon. The Great War between “good and evil” happened 200 years ago, and the traditionally “evil” races lost. Today, nations of elves, dwarves, humans, and others skirmish and scheme with and against each other now that the son of the long-dead Emperor nears time to assume the throne. Reservations filled with orcs, goblins, and trolls continuously press against their borders, and seek the same representation as the free races. Monstrous creatures of chaos assault all the civilization on a monthly basis, which gives opportunities for adventurers to gain experience. And the mysterious Dragon Congress in the Free City of Conlodar sees a “bigger picture” of threats to the world both mundane and magical.

Currently, the mysterious artifact known as "The Blackest Heart" has been defeated. The world races towards a period of chaos as Demons seek to breach their Infernal prison, a plague ravages the Giants Nation (already involved in a civil war), the Bugbears have begun another war of extermination, the Tarneesh refugees await the coming of the mysterious Dark Lady to return their civilization to glory, and the ancient vile race called the Carnifex seek to establish a beachhead here in their goal of universal destruction.

In order to keep the plague from potentially affecting the other races, the Dragon Congress had decided they'll sterilize the entire Giants Nation. But a glimmer of hope has arisen which could stop the plague, but can the characters locate it in time before the dragons raze the Giants Nation?

Zhaindaiv is a D&D 5th Edition “home brew” campaign which uses the “cinematic style” of old-school role-playing in a non-traditional environment. Most character classes from the core books are available. Psionics are strangely absent from the world. Even with no gods, Clerics are still powerful because their miracles are fueled by their personal faith. Many ruins of fallen empires provide adventuring opportunities, as well as working for any of the nations of the world. As the time draws near for the Emperor’s Regent to hand control over to the Emperor’s son, many would like to have their influence increased or their status changed, and players could decide to be on any side of those conflicts.

Some notable differences from other campaign worlds is that the “common” tongue is Elvish, silver is the standard coin of the realm, and there’s a cosmopolitan awareness of other worlds due to regular visits from Spelljamming vessels (as well as a expedite population from the devastated world of Mystara). Playable races could be the ones native to the world, or an expatriate from another planet.

Each of the major races control their own distinct territory, and have cultural differences that distinguish them each other. Most races that are native to Zhaindaiv are open for use, but players are encouraged to be an expatriate in order to fully enjoy the experience of the flavor of the world. Adventures can alternate from thinking and role-play heavy to combat-intensive, depending on the choices the players make.

• What to bring
Paper, dice, pencils, the usual.

• Important to know
As this is a “home brew” campaign, it is not part of Adventurers League, and has a “rules light” style to support the “cinematic style” of high drama. No use of battle grid. While there technically is "no alignment," characters need to be on the side of Law and/or Good. Current party level is 10th. No party-killers.

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