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Join us for kirtan, a lively and musical, chanting and dancing experience. Kirtan is a most ancient method of meditation. There is no actual historic beginning. It's been practice for thousands of years. We use musical instruments and chant Vedic mantra. The mantra is a sound which helps draw your mind away from the material dimension with all its hassles, stress, worries, etc. that continue to burden us. A mantra is described in the Vedic literatures as being a transcendental sound vibration, not from the material dimension.
The way that it works is that the mind which is constantly jumping from one material thought to another, from one worry to another, going from one thought to the next until you're burnt out and want rest. You want to give your mind a rest.
A mantra has its own attractiveness to the mind and the consciousness. Gradually, the mind develops an attraction or a taste for the mantra, for the spiritual dimension itself and find comfort in it and relaxation and rest.

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