Canceled Meetup

Organize and learn a bit of python

Location image of event venue


Please note the change in location. Directions to Dimensional are at bottom.

Bring your laptop or pad of choice. We will use python 2.7 using a plain text editor and the command line on your system.

We will have three levels of discussion: never ever to beginner, advanced beginner/intermediate and more advanced.

I will post exercises for the meetup this weekend. Please take a look at the exercises because what you discover is what we will be discussing.

Come 15 minutes early if you need help installing python. You will do fine with most python installations but we will focus on 2.7.

You may want to try for a python 2.7 interpreter in your browser. It works well for what we are doing once the green band tells you it is loaded. Don't panic. It takes a few seconds to load.

Thank you Greg Daem and Chris Kucharski for helping us meet at Dimensional. Thank you again Aaron Pigeon and for our first meeting space.

Directions: Dimensional is in the large building at the top the hill at Bee Cave Rd (FM 2244) and 360. Going west on Bee Cave take the first right past 360. Drive past a bank, park in the parking structure and take the stairs or elevator to the top. Dimensional is to the north of the structure.