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8 Great Plays Session 2: Othello
Join us to discuss Leonard Peikoff's techniques for reading "Eight Great Plays as Literature and Philosophy." Our approach is to read the play and listen/read the related chapter in the book in advance, and then discuss the play when we meet, and do some of the exercises together, such as identifying the plot-theme, or the elements of characterization. The first lecture (on Antigone) also contains the method, so if you're joining us mid-stream, pick up the first lecture to get familiar with the method. The ARI Campus link below contains recommended translations for each play. For Othello: We suggest Folger Version of script (often at Half Price books). NOT "No Fear Shakespeare" adaptation which often paraphrases ideas incorrectly. If you find Shakespeare particularly difficult to read, watch the Kenneth Branagh or Olivier movie version instead! The "Eight Great Plays" course is available for a small fee in audio format from the ARI estore: The audio courses have been edited into book form, which is also available: The audio course is also available free on the ARI Campus: If not, just come and participate in any way you can. Our plan is to go through the book and discuss one play every month or so. • What to bring you are welcome to bring a copy of the play and a copy of the "8 Great Plays" book. Some people do take notes on paper, phone, or computer. • Important to know It's a fun and welcoming group. We try to stay on topic but sometimes a tangent is also beneficial. The group is FREE. You can buy yourself refreshments. Some members include a theater director and an actor but others are Ayn Rand fans and a professor, and students of Objectivism. So the discussion promises to be wide-ranging. Dr. Peikoff's analysis is brilliant and applies to dramatic literature broadly, well-worth knowing and using.

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    Do not lose your knowledge that man's proper estate is an upright posture, an intransigent mind and a step that travels unlimited roads.

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    --- From the chapter This is John Galt Speaking in Atlas Shrugged, a novel by Ayn Rand

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