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Lecture series: John Ridpath on The Philosophical Origins of Marxism (taped)

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Although Marxism as a political system has now been widely repudiated, it remains an intellectual force in the universities. These classes examine Marxism as a secular version of the Judeo-Christian redemption saga.

What did Marx think was the basic principle of reality? What did he think the role of the mind was? When did he expect the workers' revolution to begin? You'll find these lectures fascinating, as they trace Marx's progression from flawed premises to a comprehensive theory of history and man that seemed for decades to foretell the future of mankind.

We will listen to and discuss these taped audio lectures in the meeting so no meeting preparation is needed. The public is invited, so bring your friends!

These lectures are available for download for only $3.49 at

so you can listen ahead, or catch up, if you've missed any of the lectures.

Dr. John Ridpath, an associate professor of economics and intellectual history at York University in Toronto, Canada, writes and speaks on the history of ideas and their impact on social change. He has spoken at conferences about the central thinkers in Western history, the impact of their ideas on history, including the ideas influencing the Founding Fathers and early American history. As a specialist in Ayn Rand’s system of ideas, articles by Dr. Ridpath have appeared in The Objectivist Forum (, The Intellectual Activist and Essays on Ayn Rand’s “We the Living” ( Widely recognized for his lecturing skills, as well as for his public speaking and debating in defense of capitalism, he is a recipient of the prestigious award given by the Ontario Council of University Faculty Associations for outstanding contribution to university teaching. Dr. Ridpath was also a York University nominee for Canadian Professor of the Year. Now retired, he continues to write and speak throughout Europe and North America.