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This is a group for people who are at least 21 and interested in Scotch, both single malt Scotch whisky, and blended Scotch whisky. If you like Scotch and live in the Austin area, this is the group for you. We may, from time to time, have other whisky related events, but the main focus is Scotch whisky. We have meetups where people can learn about and taste Scotch and other whisky. Even if you are new to trying and loving Scotch or are an expert who can identify which bottling a certain single malt is from with a mere whiff, you will be able to enjoy what we have planned for our events and sharing our appreciation of this time honored spirit. When drinking and learning about Scotch, a person is embarking on a journey that will take them along the clear waters of the River Spey, the rugged mountains of the gorgeous Highlands, and the legendary Isle of Islay, all in one glorious place: Scotland! (We may even venture to Japan and even America for some Scottish style whisky being crafted in these places!) The clear water of Scotland, the barley, the peat and the yeast create it; time and the Scottish air, full of the sea, smoke and heather, caress it and lovingly nurture it, and the barrels finish the process providing color and flavors from beginning to end. We give the Angel's their share, and raise our drams in fellowship and love of the precious spirit once known as uisge beatha, but loved the world over as Scotch Whisky.

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Congress Ave. Introduction to Scotch Class Part 2

WeWork Congress

Now that we have had a few Introduction Classes, I am going to start adding in more specialized classes. You do not have to have attended the first class to attend this one, but we may not cover all the basics we cover in the first class here. These classes will feature Scotches around themes like different cask finishes, or flights of different expressions from the same distillery to get to experience how once distillery will taste the same and different in their expressions. These are just two examples, but the Scotches will be different from what is offered in the first class so if you have come already, you can know you will get to try something new. Note that there are now three We Work locations. My goal is to have one Intro class and one Part Two class per month at two different locations. This will allow anyone to attend both classes easily if they wish. We will be in Room 14H. We Work has sent me rules that state that you check in with a photo ID. You will need to give you full and real name. You will check in at the front desk as a guest of Catherine Sikora. The name of the community manager is Kelly Rector, in case you need it. To be honest, no one ever seems interested in what we are doing, so be prepared, but so far everyone has been able to easily walk in and come to the 14th floor. We Work bought Meet Up about a year ago. We have limited use of rooms for free for a while. I thought something cool we could do with this is have some small meet ups especially geared toward folks who want to learn more about whisky. Many people join the group and say they want to know more. I wonder that sometimes it may be intimidating to come out to a social or other large gathering when you are new to the group, so I wanted to offer a small and intimate chance for our members, especially members who have never attended any meetups before, to get together. There is a $10 charge to cover the cost of refreshments, my time and materials. Please bring cash. Per TABC rules, there is never a charge for the alcohol. This class is limited to 9 participants. The rooms have very limited availability, so the timing of the class is not as ideal as what I would have liked, but it is what was open. Also, please plan to arrive at 5:45 as it is sometimes difficult to get in the building after 6pm.

Deconstructing Dewar's with Irene Jeanotte at Seven Grand Whiskey Society

This class costs $20 and you have to buy a ticket on Eventbrite by clicking here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/seven-grand-whiskey-society-featuring-a-dewars-deconstruction-tickets-54862499212 Please also add your RSVP here if you are planning to go. Here is the paste of the info: Dewar's Deconstruction Whiskey Society with Irene Jeanotte WEDNESDAY, January 23rd at Seven Grand Whiskey Bar We are going to be blowing up the classic Dewar's Blend to check into its constituent parts as we smell and taste just what exactly has made the pride of John Dewar, Sr. an enduring brand since 1846! The Society will kick off at 7pm with a Welcome Punch (while supplies last), followed by the sips and learning at 7:30pm. Dewar's your best to bring new friends for us to drink with!

Twin Liquors Robert Burns Scotch Tasting Multiple Locations

Twin Liquors Hancock Center

It is Robert Burns's Birthday and that means Scotch Events at Twin Liquors! These events include food and a guided tasting of Scotches. I am listing these as one meetup to try to keep it simple. Please indicate in the comments which event you will attend. This listing is for four locations happening simultaneously. You have to buy a ticket to attend these through the Twin Liquors website: https://twinliquors.com/shop/events/robert-burns-scotch-event-round-rock.html Once there you can pick the event you want from a list at the bottom of the page. The cost is one ticket for $25 or two for $40. At the Round Rock Twin Liquors they will have some of the Last Great Malts with the Last Great Malt's ambassador. These include The Deveron, Royal Brackla, Craigellechie and Aberfeldy. At the Galleria Location they will have Laphroaig and Bowmore with the ambassador. At the Hancock Location they will have Highland Park and Macallan with the ambassador. At San Antonio they will have Bruichladdich with the ambassador. There are a few more happening, too. When you get to the Twin Liquors website you can see all of the choices, including Waco, Dallas and College Station. Please note that I am just adding the Hancock Location here, but there are multiple events happening simultaneously. Please be sure to chose the location that suits you and buy your ticket through their website.

Total Wine Introduction to Whisky Class Arboretum, Lakeline, Sunset Valley

Total Wine is offering an Introduction to Whisky class at three locations for $20 a person. For rewards members you may be able to get a discount on this class. This class is offered at the Arboretum, Lakeline and Brodie Lane/Sunset Valley Locations simultaneously. Here is the link for all of the January Classes. Once there, you can pick the one you want. I am going to put Arboretum as the location here, but it is happening at three stores. https://www.totalwine.com/events/jan-2019/texas/arboretum?storestatename=522,510,509 Please add your RSVP here and mention in the comments which one you are attending. Here is the paste of the info: From the windswept coast of Scotland, to the green hills of Kentucky, great whiskeys are produced around the world. Join us for an overview of the rich history and many styles of this storied spirit, including unique single-malt and classic blended scotch and American bourbon and rye.

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