What we're about

Join fun, friendly, competition in a number of VR multiplayer experiences and games.

We're a community of friendly VR Developers, Artists, Enthusiasts, and people who've never even played in VR before! We play really easy to pick up motion sickness free VR games at public events, and test developer's multiplayer games in private events. It's a good place to meet VR players, so you can play more VR!

When you're not in VR, there will be plenty of devs, artists and enthusiasts to talk with on the sidelines, we talk about development, code, games, VR, AR, Tech, gameplay, multiplayer experiences, startups, tech stuff, and sometimes tacos.

Don't have a headset? No worries. We've got plenty of headsets; you don't need a computer to join!

Past events (50)

QuiVR with AVL! VR multiplayer archery and magic!

Capital Factory, 1st Floor

Sculptr VR with Austin Virtual League!

Capital Factory, 1st Floor

AVL at SXSW Gaming 2019

Austin Convention Center

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