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Monday Oct 8 *North* Weeknight Discussion Meetup
Our current schedule has us meeting approximately every two weeks in North Central Austin. Meetings last 2.5-3 hours. We'll start the meeting off by reading works (silently) from those that have brought something to share then we'll take turns discussing them. If you want to bring a piece to share please bring at least 4-5 copies and keep it between 2-4 pages in length (under 2,000 words). Please be sure to use a regular sized font Times New Roman 12 point is a good option and double space if possible so it's easier to read the piece and write comments. From there if time allows we will branch into a discussion of topics related to writing. About the meeting fee, Meetup charges organizers a fee to run the group. So, the suggested donation is to help me cover the costs of running the group. Anything you can donate helps but we won't kick you out if you can't spare a few bucks. In addition to the meetup fee Genuine Joe charges a fee for the room but they let us pay for it in purchases. So, please try to buy something if you can & tell them you are with the group so they can count it towards the room fee. (If you can't afford both just make a purchase since I'll end up owng GJ money anyway if we don't meet the minimum.)

Genuine Joe Coffee Shop

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What we're about

Austin Writers is a meant as a source of positive reinforcement and community for writers of all kinds in the Austin area. During a regular month, we have 2 meetups in North Austin. (We no longer have a South location.) These will be discussion based where people bring examples of their current writing for sharing (read silently) and to spark discussion.

The goal is simply to help foster a community of writers in Austin, and provide continuity to keep us writing as we go through daily life. It is not a heavy-duty workshop type thing. Absolutely all writing styles and approaches are welcomed; fiction, non-fiction, journaling, experimental.

Requested Donation to cover fees: $3 per Meetup. Thanks for helping us thrive!

Please Note! Austin Writers Meetup focuses on Austin and the central urban area. There is also a Round Rock Writers Group, run by different folks:

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