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Who should join: Anyone interested in meditation, mental self-mastery, emotional self-mastery, reducing stress and anxiety, altered states of consciousness, self-healing, and the science behind sound.

Why you should join: Members will learn how sound is a powerful tool for meditation and self-transformation. It is sound that makes this type of meditation unique. During a sound meditation, the listener may experience a shift in awareness, increased alertness, an ease in mental activity and reduced discursive thinking patterns. Therapeutic sound is a unique stimulus that synchronizes activity in the brain to the frequencies and rhythmic patterns being heard.

What members can expect in the groups: To experience live sound meditation with Harp, Tibetan Singing Bowls, and/or other instruments. To develop knowledge about the therapeutic elements of music and sound. To gain skill in using sound for personal development and as a powerful tool in self healing and self mastery. To build community around meditating with sound and sharing experiences with new friends in the group.

Interactive classes offered at Mind Body Music, a sound meditation and therapy studio.

This group is hosted by Music Therapist, Andrea Cortez, MM, MT-BC, who has been practicing music therapy since 2005. Andrea is a multi-instrumentalist, therapist, and sound artist who is fascinated with sound and passionate about it's therapeutic uses.

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Healing Spaces: Live IG sound meditation

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Live Healing Harp: Returning to Harmony

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